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John Kline’s support of Obama and the raising the debt ceiling leaves him with only Obamacare as an issue he can run on.

On Facebook, John Kline, well, let me check that, John Kline’s staff keeps posting about Obamacare. It is tiring, mainly because it is an issue that cannot be at all resolved by Republicans for at least two years, if not four probably. And yet, Republicans are hoping for another 2010 to save their sinking party, and the only issues they have are the debt ceiling and Obamacare.

Funny that Michael is more contitutionally knowledgeable than John Roberts apparently/
Funny that Michael is more contitutionally knowledgeable than John Roberts apparently/

As I mentioned before, the debt ceiling is their own problem for not getting work done to improve the economy, while still spending tons of money on war. Congressman Kline voted to support President Obama a few weeks ago when the President basically said about raising the debt ceiling “Congress created this debt mess, Congress ran up the national credit card debt, so it is Congress’s responsibility to pay for what they agreed to spend.” And now that John Kline agrees with that by supporting President Obama with his vote to raise the debt ceiling, he knows he can no longer run on debt issues without looking like a giant hypocrite. On a side note, he never should have been able to run on that anyway, he has been in congress since 2002, when he supported every Bush budget, every Bush budget voodoo reporting gimmick, and Republican establishment spending. If you recall, he didn’t become against earmarks until it was obvious that Democrats were going to take control of the House in 2006.

Without that golden election ticket, he and other Republicans can only deride a program that will quickly become entrenched in society, and will quickly become a safety blanket for people who want to start small businesses, but who have preexisting conditions. Or middle-aged Americans who have health issues that prevent them from continuing to work, that before would have bankrupt them. And when we realize how many people truly just need a little consistent mental health help to become productive members of society, then what are the Republicans going to argue with when a majority of the country likes it?

Of course there will always be people who hate it, doctors who hate it, and politicians who hate it, but this is a democratic (small “d”) country, not a consensus country. Remember for years Republicans wanted to dismantle Social Security and Medicare, now many of them are “defenders” (and I use that word sarcastically even if they do not) of those programs. Since Republicans can’t do anything about Obamacare, it is about time they buckle down and get some real work done that truly improves the country, instead of complaining about something that you have no ability to change in the near future.

The “Red Shirts” send an intern to crash the DFL58 Picnic In the Park Fundraiser

In my last post I wrote about a young man creeping around the DFL58 Picnic in the Park Fundraiser.  I assumed he was a tracker for Klobuchar or Obermueller, but I was upset when he walked around videotaping each person in attendance at the event.

I became even more disturbed when I wondered if he videotaped the kids at the event. I think that could actually be illegal, but either way, whether kids or adults, people should be free to enjoy a picnic without their privacy being intruded on by Republicans who express a desire for more freedom.

I guess freedom is limited to Republican events, opinions and ideals, because the mystery is solved.  Drew Christensen was an intern for John Kline.  He wasn’t wearing his red shirt at our picnic, but that’s him on the far right in the picture. No, that “far right” comment was not intended to be a pun.  The Drew identified in the picture popped up on my screen when I opened Facebook a few minutes ago.

Drew must have been sent by the other red shirts to videotape Mike Obermueller. Maybe John Kline should show a little courage and show up himself for an impromptu debate with Mike at events like this, instead of hoping for a racist comment to post on Youtube – oh wait! It is always Republicans that say that stuff isn’t it?

A tale of two emails part 2: Kline has no record to run on against Obermueller

Last week I wrote a piece about the difference between Mike Obermueller’s email and John Kline’s email to supporters, A tale of two emails: Kline vs. Obermueller.  I wrote about how John Kline is running against and raising money based on fear of an imaginary liberal boogeyman, while Mike Obermueller is running against John Kline and John Kline’s lack of leadership.

I got to thinking, why isn’t John Kline running on his record?

John Kline has been in Congress for a decade.  Apparently the only accomplishment he can run on is his opposition to Barack Obama, ObamaCare and The Stimulus?  What about the 6 years his President was in charge?  What about the years his party controlled the House, Senate and the Presidency?

Why is it that when the Democrats controlled all three chambers for a fraction of the time the Republicans did, they were able to pass a major social reform bill in the healthcare bill that had been a goal since Harry Truman was president, but nothing was done on the supposedly most important social issues to Republicans when they controlled all three.  Today they continue to take symbolic votes to oppose Democrats, but Kline couldn’t provide the leadership to take an actual vote.

It’s no wonder John Kline is terrified of Mike Obermueller.  Mike is raising money that nobody in recent elections has been able to raise, and that money will be used to attack John Kline’s record, or the lack-there-of.

A tale of two emails: Kline vs. Obermueller

I am going to compare two actual emails here.  The first is from Congressman John Kline emailed on Thursday to his supporters.  The second is from Mike Obermueller emailed to his supporters on Tuesday.  These are the most recent emails I know of.

The first is about fear.  The second is about leadership.

Here is John Kline’s email:

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, The Democratic House Majority Fund and the Service Employees International Union are joining force to defeat me in their quest to retake majority control of Congress.

The radical special interests’ war chest of cash combined with the quarter-of-a-million dollars DFL Mike Obermueller raised last quarter will make this a tough race.

Very soon, we’re going to be hit hard by our opponents’ media, mailers and mud and their message is that my staunch opposition to ObamaCare, the Stimulus Plan and Tax Hikes mean that I’m out of touch with our Second District.  I disagree!   I’ve stayed in close touch with Minnesotans and the government takeover of health care, the failed stimulus package and tax increases are three things we don’t want.

I’m a target of the DCCC, George Soros, former Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the Service Employees International Union and the Liberal Super PACs who have threatened to spend millions to defeat me.  But when you help me, I know I’ll win!

PLEASE MAKE YOUR SAFE AND SECURE ONLINE CONTRIBUTION TO KLINE FOR CONGRESS FOR $15, $35, $20 OR $45  for our signs, ads, letters, parade pieces and everything we need to win.

I need you now and thank you for your continued support,

John Kline

Paid for by Kline for Congress

Here is Mike Obermuller’s email:

Dear Stephen,

Just a few days ago Congresswoman Michele Bachmann made an unfounded and personal attack when she questioned the loyalty of a dedicated public servant, Huma Abedin. These sorts of McCarthy-like attacks should have no place in our political discourse and are the reason why a record number of Americans disapprove of the current Congress. I was heartened in this instance to see the condemnation of Bachmann’s comments came from both sides of the aisle. Speaker John Boehner, Sen. John McCain, Rep. Erik Paulsen, and even Bachmann’s former campaign manager Ed Rollins all said that she was out of line.

There was an exception, however: my opponent, Congressman John Kline.

Read: “John Kline Mum on Bachmann Remarks.” – Star Tribune

The 2nd Congressional District deserves better. Minnesota deserves better. But we won’t be able to retire Congressman Kline without your support.

Our pre-primary reporting deadline is midnight, July 25th. Help us show our grassroots strength by making a contribution today.

Thank you in advance for your support. Together, we will defeat John Kline and return responsible leadership to Washington.

Sincerely, Mike Obermueller

Paid for by Mike Obermueller for Congress, P.O. Box 211682, Eagan MN, 55121

Did you see the difference?  John Kline is running against that evil George Soros, the more evil Nancy Pelosi, Liberal Super PACs and the SEIU.  He is running against Mike Obermueller’s “radical special interests’ war chest of cash.”  Kline is scaring his supporters.  He isn’t running against Mike, he is running against an evil boogeyman.

Mike Obermueller on the other hand is running against John Kline.  Mike is running against a person who lacks the ability to be an honest leader.  He’s running against a “Representative” who can’t even stand up to his own colleague who is lying and putting an innocent person in danger.  What sort of leadership is that?  Yes, Mike mentions Bachmann, but he isn’t running against Michele Bachmann, he running against John Kline’s lack of response to her irresponsible lies.

It is no surprise though.  John Kline’s voting record is nearly identical to Michele Bachmann.  He probably agrees with her, he just doesn’t have the nerve to say it out loud.  It would be no surprise at all to me if John Kline agreed wholeheartedly with her.  I can still see his smirking face when a woman called Barack Obama “an Arab” at John McCain’s local town hall meeting.  Kline obviously enjoyed that, he likes that stuff.  That must be the best way for him to raise money, lies.

Choosing a candidate to endorse in MN-02 @Obermueller2012 or @Ganey4Congress #MN02

Tomorrow, in Rosemount, I will be one of the delegates selecting John Kline’s challenger.  At Rosemount High School, we will learn who the next Representative from the Second Congressional District will be, and for the first time in a decade, I think we will have a person representing us who is truly a Representative of the Second, not just a Congressman from the Second.

As a delegate to the DFL Second Congressional Convention, I have to make a choice between Patrick Ganey, Mike Obermueller, and Kathleen Gaylord.  I have yet to officially make my endorsement selection though.  I am leaning toward one candidate, but I am waiting to see them on stage at the convention.  Maybe I would have made my decision if I hadn’t been out of town last weekend when all three candidates debated in South St Paul.  And I might have been able to make my decision based on the MPR online forum Wednesday, if the questions asked hadn’t been so typical that I probably could have answered the questions for the candidates.

AS it is now, I’m up in the air.  I have already eliminated one candidate.  I will not be voting for Kathleen Gaylord.  I was disappointed that she never responded to my invitation to attend the last DFL58 meeting in Farmington.  Granted, it was short notice, but I think she should have responded anyway.  She didn’t participate in the MPR online forum.  It was a waste of time, but is she going to skip campaign opportunities if she gets the endorsement?  Her use of social media, at least Facebook and Twitter is practically nonexistent, and I think social media is extremely important.  Finally, I haven’t actually talked to her.  I’ve conversed with Patrick Ganey and Mike Obermueller on the phone, in person, via email, and even online in chat when one of my questions was posed to the candidates on the MPR online forum.  The extent of my interactions with Kathleen Gaylord was a message she left me that I didn’t even hear, it was told to me by a family member that she called.

Picking between Patrick Ganey and Mike Obermueller is difficult.  I was very impressed by Mike Obermueller from 2006-2010 as a candidate.  In addition, I learned things from him that would have been very useful in my own campaign, unfortunately it was too late.  I think he presents himself well, is well spoken, and I could see myself wearing an “I like Mike” pin or sticker on my jacket all summer and fall.  On the other hand, Patrick has really impressed me too for many of the same reasons.  He may not have the same experience, but his ability to learn and respond quickly has amazed me.  He comes across as a natural in front of people, and a very viable candidate.

So you ask, what are my concerns and why can’t I make a decision?  Honestly, I think either candidate can give John Kline a run for his money.  And although I am hopeful for a John Kline defeat in 2012, I wouldn’t wager any money on it.  I’m looking at how each of them respond based on the pressures of the endorsement race, because whether they are running for re-election, or more likely challenging John Kline again, the 2012 candidate needs to run again in 2014.

Do I have fears about either of them?  Absolutely.  I’m concerned that John Kline could use the fact that Patrick Ganey has only been a city councilor, never mind that John Kline had no political experience before running for Congress.  Mike Obermueller lost two of his three campaigns, even if it was a conservative district, and again, never mind that John Kline lost his first three elections.  Either of those could be used in a negative way by Kline, of course they could both be used in a positive way too.  Ganey isn’t a politician, and Obermueller has won in a conservative district — Tim Pawlenty’s district.

It will really come down to how they respond at the convention.  If I had to predict it right now, I think Mike Obermueller would win.  I have no idea what the delegate count is, but Patrick Ganey called me yesterday and asked me to support him again, but this time I got the feeling he was a little desperate.  My guess is that Mike is racking up the delegates and may win as early as the second ballot.  Of course keep in mind I thought Shelly Madore would eventually win the endorsement too, so my prediction means little.

Provided there is a wifi connection at Rosemount High School, I will tweet from the convention using #mn02 as the hashtag.  If there is no wifi, I’ll still tweet using my phone, but it won’t be as often, I’ll misspell words, be frustrated that the word complete deosn’t always work, and my battery will probably die early… (sigh) But follow me on twitter: @Quist_Galaxie