John Kline’s support of Obama and the raising the debt ceiling leaves him with only Obamacare as an issue he can run on.

On Facebook, John Kline, well, let me check that, John Kline’s staff keeps posting about Obamacare. It is tiring, mainly because it is an issue that cannot be at all resolved by Republicans for at least two years, if not four probably. And yet, Republicans are hoping for another 2010 to save their sinking party, and the only issues they have are the debt ceiling and Obamacare.

Funny that Michael is more contitutionally knowledgeable than John Roberts apparently/
Funny that Michael is more contitutionally knowledgeable than John Roberts apparently/

As I mentioned before, the debt ceiling is their own problem for not getting work done to improve the economy, while still spending tons of money on war. Congressman Kline voted to support President Obama a few weeks ago when the President basically said about raising the debt ceiling “Congress created this debt mess, Congress ran up the national credit card debt, so it is Congress’s responsibility to pay for what they agreed to spend.” And now that John Kline agrees with that by supporting President Obama with his vote to raise the debt ceiling, he knows he can no longer run on debt issues without looking like a giant hypocrite. On a side note, he never should have been able to run on that anyway, he has been in congress since 2002, when he supported every Bush budget, every Bush budget voodoo reporting gimmick, and Republican establishment spending. If you recall, he didn’t become against earmarks until it was obvious that Democrats were going to take control of the House in 2006.

Without that golden election ticket, he and other Republicans can only deride a program that will quickly become entrenched in society, and will quickly become a safety blanket for people who want to start small businesses, but who have preexisting conditions. Or middle-aged Americans who have health issues that prevent them from continuing to work, that before would have bankrupt them. And when we realize how many people truly just need a little consistent mental health help to become productive members of society, then what are the Republicans going to argue with when a majority of the country likes it?

Of course there will always be people who hate it, doctors who hate it, and politicians who hate it, but this is a democratic (small “d”) country, not a consensus country. Remember for years Republicans wanted to dismantle Social Security and Medicare, now many of them are “defenders” (and I use that word sarcastically even if they do not) of those programs. Since Republicans can’t do anything about Obamacare, it is about time they buckle down and get some real work done that truly improves the country, instead of complaining about something that you have no ability to change in the near future.


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    #1. I trust that you saw John Kline’s tweet yesterday — John Kline‏@repjohnkline
    I was pleased to co-sponsor @RepErikPaulsen #MedDeviceTax bill to repeal #ObamaCare job-killing $29 billion tax on medical devices.

    Actually, it’s a Tax Refund bill for excise taxes … refunding what these companies have paid thus far and elimination of future taxes. The $29 billion represents ten years. Paulsen’s bill H.R. 523 is not online yet, so what the offset for the $29 billion is not available for public review. Last session, the House approved this “gift” to the Medical Device industry by approving H.R. 436 which would actually cut revenues by $43.9 Billion over 10 years — more than the Medical Device Tax was projected to collect ($29 billion). Republicans included a revenue raiser that would require taxpayers receiving credits for health coverage premium assistance to return some of the credit.
    The Medical Device industry increased prices 1.4% last year. A KPMG survey revealed that, in response to the tax, many medical device industry companies are already considering actions that they believe will help them stay competitive. Twenty-two percent of respondents said their companies would most likely consider increasing the cost of goods sold to the purchaser, while 13 percent said their organizations would most likely consider making cost reductions in areas such as headcount and manufacturing processes. Fifty percent said they were unsure about the actions their company might take.

    This is an Excise Tax … something that Americans pay routinely and never notice … there is an 11% Excise Tax on firearms and ammunition and that has not deterred people from purchasing those items. Heck, consumers pay an excise tax on tires … what’s wrong with putting a small excise tax on replacement knees ?
    When a person is told that an orthopedic surgery might exceed $40,000, they probably will focus on how much the insurance company will pay and not how much the device cost … so if the device cost $5,000, will the 2.3% excise tax of $115 really make anyone change their mind ?

    Chairman Kline calls it “job-killing” because there was a study done that suggested 43,000 jobs could be lost. It comes from a report paid for by the Medical Device Industry that I suspect few have read. The report assertions that “Under reasonable assumptions, the tax could result in job losses in excess of 43,000 and employment compensation losses in excess of $3.5 billion.
    Hmmm … what is “Under reasonable assumptions” ? The authors acknowledge that do not know but base their assessment on shrinking demand with the 43k figure roughly a 10% drop … but what if there is only a 0.5% drop, then there is only a 2,352 drop in employment … but if there is a 30% drop, then the employment reduction is over 130,000 … why did they pick 10% is not stated … but more importantly, they do not acknowledge that with greater insured patients, there would actually be an increase in production. As President Obama explained during an interview with WCCO-TV why he would oppose repealing the excise tax: “And here’s why: The health care bill is going to provide those medical device companies 30 million new customers. It’s going to be great for business. And they’re doing really well right now.”

    In short, this is an attempt to gut the Affordable Care Act … refund collected taxes (and future taxes) paid by the Medical Device industry which they will be passing on to the consumer anyway.

    #2. Regarding the raising of the debt ceiling … IMO, this was a vote ordered by Speaker Boehner … and the good soldier followed orders.
    H R 325 — No Budget, No Pay Act of 2013 — marks the first time Congress has suspended the debt ceiling.

    The bill suspends the debt ceiling through May 18, 2013. In other words, it allows the government to operate as though there is no debt ceiling. On May 19, the debt ceiling will automatically increase by the amount borrowed during the suspension. Because the government borrows about $4 billion per day, this bill will likely increase the debt ceiling by $400 billion or more, without any cuts or reforms to reduce future spending.

    Suspending the debt ceiling (instead of raising it) gives Members of Congress cover, because they can essentially vote for a massive debt ceiling increase now (without a particular dollar figure attached) and later claim they had no idea how much of an increase they were voting for.

    Chairman Kline does not get nearly enough attention as he should.

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