Hillary is in the race

It is official now, the first Democratic Party candidate for presidency is in the race, and the race is on.  Hillary Clinton announced her run with a great two minute video that is worth a watch.

With Hillary in the race officially, and Martin O’Malley and Jim Webb, just a slick social media video announcement away from being in the race, the 2016 presidential season has started. Yes, I am discounting Ted Cruz and Rand Paul from beginning the season, because neither of them has a chance, and let’s be serious, they are both assholes. The real, most analyzed, covered, and whined about race will be whether Hillary wins a quick victory for the Democratic nomination in a landslide, or if she has to fight for the nomination.

There is little doubt that the American public will be clobbered by anti-Hillary memes, but is there a tougher more resilient politician out there? I’m not sure there is. Am I excited about a potential Hillary and Jeb race? No, but that doesn’t mean Hillary wouldn’t make a great president. Part of me is rooting against her, just so I don’t have to watch the assault on her, but part of me wants her to make history, and be the first positively impactful president I have been alive for. I was hoping for that from Obama, now I expect that if Hillary becomes the first woman to sit in the Oval Office. That might be entirely fair to expect of Hillary, but if she wins it will be a big deal.

Note: I recently stated Hillary is currently “my third choice, behind the dull Martin O’Malley and the slightly less dull Jim Webb,” but if Hillary comes out kicking butt, I will jump on the band wagon quicker than the Twins getting eliminated from the playoffs.

One thought on “Hillary is in the race”

  1. Eight years ago, Torri Hunter was patrolling centerfield and Hillary Clinton was “in” …. today, Torri Hunter is again in centerfield and Hillary is “in” again.

    Then, I was optimistic about the Twins chance and questionable about Hillary … today, there is no optimism for either.

    The 2007-2008 comparison between Clinton and Obama were evident … one promoted engaging dialogue and one defended her votes for attacking Iraq … heck, look where President Obama was this weekend … opening up Cuba for American business. Barak Obama wrote an Op-Ed of August 2007 described his position while Clinton immediately disagreed, firmly supporting the current policy — in effect, that her husband’s Cuba policy was not hard-line enough.

    America has made great strides under President Obama … Hillary Clinton just makes me, an independent voter, ask : Will John Kasich get any traction ?

    Fortunately for Clinton’s sake, it’s an Electoral College vote, so she will probably win (benefiting Corporate America) … but working class Americans will lose as the GOP will remain obstinate.

    Actually, if you want to see a great video announcement, be sure to check out Mary Lawrence’s announcement. She is talking the right message for the Second District.


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