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What’s Happenin’ in DFL58

It is time for DFLers in Senate District 58, and really DFLers across the state, because what DFLer doesn’t want to get rid of Dave Thompson, Pat Garofalo and Mary Liz Holberg, to step up and support the DFL candidates in Southern Dakota County.

Andrew Brobston will be endorsed by the DFL at the next meeting on June 7. Andrew is running for Minnesota State Senate 58 against Dave Thompson. If you recall, Dave Thompson is the candidate who took $70,000 in pay in 2010 from the Republican Party while he was running for state senate as a Republican. We found out there is no law against that in Minnesota. It’s unethical, but who knew it wasn’t illegal? Thompson also is the author of the Voter ID amendment which will definitely prevent some seniors from voting. I can name two who will swear up a storm against Dave Thompson if this passes, but are in no condition from a health standpoint to make the trip to go get an ID.

Even a small donation will help Andrew: CLICK HERE TO MAKE AN ONLINE DONATION

In 58A, Colin Lee is running for state House against Mary Liz Holberg. Mary Liz Holberg is a lifelong, ultra-partisan politician who thinks it is fine to shut down our government. Besides shutting down the government, what else has Holberg done recently? If you look at Holberg’s list of accomplishments on her own campaign website, even her list of accomplishments end in 2006. Being “one of 100 people to watch in 2000” doesn’t mean anything if in 2012 you did nothing but watch. Mary Liz Holberg has become such a career politician that when her district’s borders were redrawn, splitting Lakeville, she moved to the district that had a bigger share of Lakeville. I can only assume it was so she didn’t have to work very hard on her reelection with more voters who already know her.

Colin is working very hard, please send him a donation: CLICK HERE TO MAKE AN ONLINE DONATION

Jim Arlt is running against Pat Garofalo in Minnesota House district 58B. Pat is best known for being a squeaky wheel who make inappropriate comments, and whose main purpose at the capital seems to be to gain the ire of Democrats and teachers. Garofalo who constantly uses Twitter to insult Democrats, both elected Democrats and average DFL voters, hilariously has a highlighted blurb on the front page of his campaign website that says: “WORKING WITH DEMOCRATS: Representative Garofalo has worked to bring Republicans and Democrats together.” This is coming from the man who recently called all the Democratic House members “deadbeat Democrats.” I’m pretty sure if you talk to Paul Thissen, Ryan Winkler or Tom Rukavina, they might refute his claim.

Jim is a very strong candidate, and needs your help: CLICK HERE TO MAKE A DONATION

We are very excited in DFL58, but we need your help!

The Farmington Caucus

I convened the Farmington, Castle Rock, Empire and Eureka caucuses last night. Between the nine precincts, only 29 people attended. The voting results were:

Rybak – 7 – 24.1%
Kelliher – 6 – 20.7%
Marty – 5 – 17.2%
Thissen – 5 – 17.2%
Uncommitted – 3 – 10.3%
Bakk – 1 – 3.4%
Entenza – 1 – 3.4%
Gaertner – 1 – 3.4%
Kelley – 0
Montez – 0
Rukavina – 0
Savior – 0

I was surprised how low the turnout was, but I am not surprised by the results for the most part. Statewide, I expected the race to be between Rybak and Kelliher, and that proved true.

Statewide numbers with almost 80% reporting:

Rybak – 21.9%
Kelliher – 20.1%
Uncommitted – 14.6%
Marty – 9.6%
Rukavina – 7.2%
Thissen – 7.2%
Entenza – 6.7%
Bakk – 6.2%
Kelley – 4..2%
Gaertner – 2.1%

A couple of negative observations:

Entenza’s number seemed surprisingly low. I expected him to finish third or forth. That looks bad. Now I see why Dayton didn’t include his name in the straw poll.

Rukavina put out a statement saying he was humbled by the support. I assume he felt humbled in a positive way. Finishing in the middle of the pack with 7% does not seem like it should be humbling to me.

Gaertner has decided to run in the primary. Why?

Thissen’s results were disappointing. I expected Paul to compete with Entenza for third or forth.

As much as I like Steve Kelley, the endorsement will not fall into his lap with this group of candidates like it almost did a few years ago. Kelley should consider dropping out too.

Jottings and Questions III

Nobody is going to go unscathed as political leaders try to figure out how to deal with the latest state economic news. We are all going to bear the brunt for the fiasco we have gotten ourselves into. But I am continually annoyed that the people with the least to give to solve the solution are the ones who feel it the most. I don’t believe we can solve the problem by taxing the rich, but the poorest people have the greatest need for safety and security. You are naive to think a person not taking their anti-psychotic drugs or a mother forced to leave her kids alone to make money won’t affect us financially in the future someway.

As a state we need to cut a lot of things. I am surprised there isn’t an outcry to cut the governor’s and legislator’s wages. Cut them in half and halve their per diem too. That is a few million dollars. You have to start somewhere.

I saw some (and listened to more) of the House Ways & Means Committee “Presentation about the November Forecast” online Thursday. SD36 was represented by both Pat Garofalo and Mary Liz Holberg at the meeting. The odd thing is that Pat Garofalo was wearing an Adrian Peterson Vikings Jersey instead of the standard legislator’s button down shirt. I figure either he wants to support the freedom to drive 109 miles an hour, or he is for a publically financed stadium for the Vikings despite the economic news he was there to discuss. I sent him an email making a little joke about it. I don’t know for sure, but I assume he was attending the Vikings Rally at the Capitol that afternoon.

Speaking of stadiums, did you see that Murray’s Steakhouse is going to have a concession stand at the Bull’s Eye, or whatever catchy name people are going to start calling Target Field. Mmmm. So long Famous Dave’s. Only 129 days until opening day at the Field.

129 days is more than twice as long until the caucus. Only 59 days until the caucus. I’m not exactly sure when the SD36 convention is, but probably within a month of the caucus. That means I have about 3 months to decide which gubernatorial candidate to support. I’m really flip-flopping on who to support. One day it is one candidate and the next it is another. To be totally honest though, I have eliminated Dayton, Marty, Gaertner and Rukavina from my consideration. That leaves six more to decide from. I’d gladly meet any of them at the ballpark for a Murray’s steak sandwich to discuss issues…

With 10 candidates for governor (12 if you want to count Ole Savior and Peter Roess) vying for support and money, a little edge on the money side could really separate a candidate. All reports are the Entenza already has an edge, but Wednesday afternoon he was lucky enough to be on the receiving end of a Washington D.C. fundraiser. While the South Dakota and North Dakota Senators were among the hosts, it seems that neither Senator Klobuchar nor Senator Franken were present in the stories I found.

Speaking of fundraising, MN Moderate to Liberal Political Roundtable by Holly Cairns is doing a very interesting test. She is offering to sell ad space to the candidates. It is a very reasonable rate, and in return, she will work to promote the candidate’s messages. If you look to the right, I am promoting candidates. A look at my blog stats shows that in the last 30 days, DFL candidate links to the right have had 136 clicks. Over the last 3 months, there have been 797 candidate link clicks. There are a lot bigger blogs than mine out there, so bloggers are driving people to the sites. Maybe a little financial support for bloggers is a good thing.

Speaking of blog statistics, I like to look at the searches people use to access my blog. My two favorite searches in the last few weeks that led somebody to my website:

“Tom Emmer Crazy Governor”
“who the hell is dan powers DFL”

I think most people coming to this site know Dan Powers is running against John Kline in CD2. Down in CD1, Rep. Tim Walz is holding another town hall meeting. Walz has had two meetings in the last few months. Congressman Kline has only held two meetings in his last few terms!

Rep. Keith Ellison makes me stop and think about my 2010 choice for Governor

I know I am a little jealous of DFLers in CD5.  They have Keith Ellison as their Representative, while those of us in CD2 cope with John Kline as our Congressman.  Representative Ellison is a true representative of his district.  He is not just a congressman from the district.  Ellison strongly advocates for what he believes in, and he works hard to support both his district and the state.
As far as I know, Representative Ellison is the first congressperson to endorse a candidate.  I recently saw a video posted on Facebook that featured Rep. Ellison talking about endorsing Matt Entenza.  Something occurred to me as a watched the video.  It wasn’t why is Keith Ellison endorsing Entenza?  It was why didn’t he endorse somebody else? 
“Minnesota Central” made the comment on a recent poll blog that maybe we shouldn’t ask who we would vote for, rather we should ask who we feel should terminate their campaign.  Rep. Ellison has already done that and answered the final question.  He has eliminated at least nine other candidates, three of which he served with in the house, Kelliher, Thissen and Rukavine, and his mayor, Rybak. 
It is interesting that he didn’t do the “safe” thing by stepping back and waiting to see who emerges.  He is confident enough in Entenza that that he already has endorsed him.  Ellison must knows something I don’t know — let me rephrase that, Rep. Ellison knows a lot more than I know, and he knows most of the candidates.  He has decided to back Entenza. 
Does it make you stop and think?  I have narrowed my field down to a few candidates by eliminating candidates.  I have eliminated those candidates based on superficial reason. I don’t really know any of the candidates.  Why have I eliminated anybody?  I know these candidates politically, through seeing them on TPT or reading about them online or in the paper.  Everything I know about the candidates is second hand, or based on a politically “clean” presentation.  I don’t know them at all.
I’d love to invite them over for dinner, or watch a game with them.  But that isn’t feasible for the candidates, nor would they likely be their true selves.  Candidates are always on stage.  Being a good actor is important in an election, but being a good person is important to being a good governor.  How do we know who the good people are  if we don’t know them.  So I’ll ask the question that won’t be answered — what does Keith Ellison know that I don’t know about those other candidates?



2010 MN DFL Governor’s Poll III (along with a question…)

I’ve been talking to a few people about qualities people look for when trying to rank candidates who have the same political ideology when it comes to issues. I am talking about attributes like authenticity, charisma, experience and toughness to name just a few.

Along with some help, I am going to give a one through ten ranking of the candidates in at least 12 non-issue categories. I say “at least 12” because I welcome your opinion of what non-issue important qualities or attributes you look at. Some will be more subjective than others, and everything about it is completely unscientific.

So, to continue the unscientific-ness of this experiment, I think it is time for another poll. As I have said before web polls like this tend to be more of a demonstration of organization than a truly meaningful anything. I am just curious to see what happens, and how it will correspond to the rankings.

And don’t forget, leave a comment or email me with non-issue attributes you like in a candidate.

MNDem.com Poll III Results

Please read results note below.

Entenza – 1542
Rukavina – 968
Kelliher – 935
Thissen – 736
Marty – 304
Bakk – 175
Gaertner – 114
Dayton – 101
Rybak – 99
Kelley – 87

Results Note:
Please keep in mind, despite my attempt to limit voting to one vote, it was much easier to vote more than once than I thought it would be.  If I do a future poll, I will correct that.

I am going to reiterate, this is simply for fun.  There is no scientific value to this poll.  There is no reason to interpret the results.  I was initially interested in how social media would be used to get word out if getting the word out was important to a campaign.  A huge amount of people came to the website from Facebook.

Each campaign was notified within minutes of the poll’s posting.  The Entenza and Rukavina campaigns were the first to post a facebook link.  Maybe there is a correlation to that and the results?


You should be limited to one vote, but check back for results in about a week. The end time all depends on when I have time to end it next weekend. Thanks for voting.