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Why it is important for you to vote in next Tuesday’s primary

Many DFLers have not been paying much attention to the primary this year, thinking this primary is more about Republicans vs. Tea Partiers, with all the fights on the right.  And while a lot of DFLers are aware of Matt Entenza’s crazy conceited challenge of our current and great State Auditor Rebecca Otto, we need to be vigilant because every one of our big ticket candidates in CD2, except Gen. Lori Swanson, has a challenger this year.

Next Tuesday, on August 12, 2014, make sure you make it a priority to get to the polls, tell candidates like Matt Entenza and others, that the DFL is an important organization.  An organization that is responsible for helping to turn Minnesota’s economic woes around.  We are an organization that has made it a priority to invest in education, care for the young, the elderly, and those who are not able to take care of themselves.  And, the DFL is not a place to make a power grab, or a place to feed your ego looking for perceived weaknesses for personal gain.

On Tuesday August 12, I will vote for every endorsed candidate, not simply because they are endorsed, but because they are far and away the best candidates, and they deserve my vote.  I hope you will vote on Tuesday too, and I hope you will encourage somebody else to vote.

The “Red Shirts” send an intern to crash the DFL58 Picnic In the Park Fundraiser

In my last post I wrote about a young man creeping around the DFL58 Picnic in the Park Fundraiser.  I assumed he was a tracker for Klobuchar or Obermueller, but I was upset when he walked around videotaping each person in attendance at the event.

I became even more disturbed when I wondered if he videotaped the kids at the event. I think that could actually be illegal, but either way, whether kids or adults, people should be free to enjoy a picnic without their privacy being intruded on by Republicans who express a desire for more freedom.

I guess freedom is limited to Republican events, opinions and ideals, because the mystery is solved.  Drew Christensen was an intern for John Kline.  He wasn’t wearing his red shirt at our picnic, but that’s him on the far right in the picture. No, that “far right” comment was not intended to be a pun.  The Drew identified in the picture popped up on my screen when I opened Facebook a few minutes ago.

Drew must have been sent by the other red shirts to videotape Mike Obermueller. Maybe John Kline should show a little courage and show up himself for an impromptu debate with Mike at events like this, instead of hoping for a racist comment to post on Youtube – oh wait! It is always Republicans that say that stuff isn’t it?

A beautiful night at the DFL58 picnic, or was it a GOP event to ID those who are un-American?

Friday evening, the DFL58 group held its 2nd annual Picnic in the Park.  It was a beautiful cool and comfortable sunny evening.  57 people attended the picnic, and the organization raised $834 dollars in donations dropped in buckets and in silent auction bids.  Plus, we collected, on very short notice, two full bags of groceries for our local food shelves.

While most of the guests enjoyed some good conversation, great food, and exceptional homemade cookies and brownies, there was one odd guest. Right at the beginning of the event, a young man named Drew Christensen signed in. I was happy to see a young face, and not just a young face, but a young face who came alone, not with his parents.  I greeted him, but as we were still getting set up, I didn’t have time to talk to him and find out more about him.

Once I had a chance to talk to him, he was gone.  Then I noticed him sitting on a bench pretty far away.  I walked toward him, told him the hot dogs were ready and he should come and eat.  He said OK, but he just moved to a different bench.  That’s when I began to wonder what was up with him.

Drew kept creeping around the edges of the picnic.  Not close enough to be part of, or even listen to conversations.  I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt that he was incredibly shy and just observing from a safe distance, but I was begging to think maybe he was spy.

Spy is the wrong word, because our group is incredibly open. In fact, if Sen. Dave Thompson had made an appearance, I would have let him talk.  Heck, the TEA Party judicial candidate Dan Griffith came, and we let him talk twice as long as anybody else.  We are no secret society or exclusive group, everybody is welcome.

My guess is that Drew was a tracker sent there to video tape Amy Klobuchar or Mike Obermueller if they came. By the way, I am extremely disappointed neither of them came. Another blog will be forthcoming about that.  But since neither major candidate showed, he was stuck creeping around the perimeter.

As the picnic was winding down though, Drew moved in and went from creeper to just plain creepy.  He walked around the outside of the picnic shelter, videotaping each person in attendance.  I was in the front talking as he was slowly walking the edge, getting each person on tape.

He is either into some weird video fetish of middle-age old people eating potato salad, or he was some sort of a tracker.  But how creepy is it, and I know I’m using the word creepy a lot, but the word fits, how creepy is it that he was videotaping the faces of people he didn’t know, some that weren’t even DFLers who came with their DFL active spouses.  Was he doing it so some GOP version of the brown shirts could review the tape and try to identify moles in their own party, by the way, none of them were there tonight, or are they going to identify the people to crack some heads later when they get the chance to show DFLers who is boss?

Maybe they have one of those elaborate TV crime show computers that runs a picture against another picture that’s running like a slot machine until it finds a match, then when it does, they can enter that person into their data base as being “against America” as Michelle Bachmann would say.

I guess this is just my opinion, but if somebody told him to videotape the people in attendance, what other use is there than some sort of intimidation, they don’t have names.  The people at out meeting are good people, good families, who as a group believes in a lot of things that we think are good for our community.  Just because many of us believe the richest Americans are not better than you or me, or just because we think some people who can afford to contribute a little more than others to make our schools, towns and society better, stronger and safer, does not mean we are enemies that have to be identified so when the time comes we can be sent to the gulag.

DFL58 Picnic and Fundraiser Friday 5:30-8:00 pm at Antlers Park in Lakeville

Last year, a small group of DFLers in our area, held the inaugural DFL58 Picnic in the Park Fundraiser. It was a small event with about 45 people in attendance, grilled hot dogs, potluck salads and desserts, and a silent auction that altogether raised over $700 for DFL candidates.

As a district that is traditionally a safe Republican district, we want our towns and townships to be at a minimum competitive for President Obama, Senator Klobuchar, and our great candidate for Congress, Mike Obermueller. Imagine how easily statewide DFL candidates could win if suburbs like Lakeville were simply more competitive for Democrats. And we want our great local candidates to win!

Our goal this year is to get more local DFLers to the picnic. Rep. Erin Murphy will be there, along with all three DFL58 candidates, Andrew Brobston, Colin Lee and Jim Arlt. Mike Obermueller is a maybe, and we found out earlier this week Amy Klobuchar is maybe for attending.

I hope you consider attending too. Your participation is vital to erasing years of losses, hopelessness and apathy in our district. Our goal is to excite DFLers and create a movement of change. Join us.

PDF version if you would like to print a copy to distribute to your neighbors: 2012 Picnic Flyer

Here are samples of a few of the silent auction items:

Auction Packages • Minnesota Author 5 Book Collection • John F. Kennedy Bust • 1968 Humphrey Pin Collection • Barack Obama Collection – Christmas Ornament, The Audacity of Hope Book and 3 stickers • Al Franken Collection – Al Franken Autographed 2012 State DFL Convention Program, a 2008 Bumper Sticker, Franni Franken’s Apple Pie Recipe and book on tape • Book: Cathy Wurzer’s Tales of the Road – Highway 61 • Book: Lincoln’s Meloncholy by Joshua Wolf Shenck • Mark Dayton Autographed 125 Years of StartTribune History Book • 1968 Minnesota Twins Card Collection • The Donkey Collection – Stuffed Donkey, pin and sticker • Tom Bakk Capitol Nike Golf Ball Sleeve • Pottery • Congressional Autograph Collection – Ellison, McCullom, Obermueller, Walz • 2008 Yard Sign Collection – Edwards ’08, Obama ’08, and Clinton ’08, “Like Bush’s Economy, Hire McCain” Sign • Large Obama ’08 poster w/cool image of Barack • Global Warming Book • Presidential Campaign Coffee Table Book • Paul Wellstone Sign

A tale of two emails part 2: Kline has no record to run on against Obermueller

Last week I wrote a piece about the difference between Mike Obermueller’s email and John Kline’s email to supporters, A tale of two emails: Kline vs. Obermueller.  I wrote about how John Kline is running against and raising money based on fear of an imaginary liberal boogeyman, while Mike Obermueller is running against John Kline and John Kline’s lack of leadership.

I got to thinking, why isn’t John Kline running on his record?

John Kline has been in Congress for a decade.  Apparently the only accomplishment he can run on is his opposition to Barack Obama, ObamaCare and The Stimulus?  What about the 6 years his President was in charge?  What about the years his party controlled the House, Senate and the Presidency?

Why is it that when the Democrats controlled all three chambers for a fraction of the time the Republicans did, they were able to pass a major social reform bill in the healthcare bill that had been a goal since Harry Truman was president, but nothing was done on the supposedly most important social issues to Republicans when they controlled all three.  Today they continue to take symbolic votes to oppose Democrats, but Kline couldn’t provide the leadership to take an actual vote.

It’s no wonder John Kline is terrified of Mike Obermueller.  Mike is raising money that nobody in recent elections has been able to raise, and that money will be used to attack John Kline’s record, or the lack-there-of.