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CD2 Central Committee Meeting – June 8, 2010

What a DFL meeting in CD2 tonight!  About sixty people showed up for the DFL CD2 Central Committee Meeting at Burnhaven Library.  And the best part was that there were eight people from Senate District 36!!  Including two new members elected tonight to the CD2 Executive Committee, Jerry Klebs who was elected a CD2 Director, and Kevin Roberson who was elected to be the male Affirmative Action Delegate from CD2 to the state DFL commission.

Jerry has been involved in the party for a long time, and Kevin is a young man, not long out of college with a lot of great ideas just getting active.  Also at the meeting were all four male State Central Committee delegates and alternates, Charlie, Jerry, Rodd and myself.  As well as female State Central Committee delegate and great blogger, actually, multi-blog blogger  Holly Cairnes.  Candidate for House District 36A Colin Lee and CD2 Chair Jeanne Thomas rounded out the delegation from SD36.  It was very energizing to have so many SD36 people in attendance.

There were several candidates at the meeting.  Dan Powers, the DFL candidate for congress challenging John Kline.  Travis Burton and I were the only two candidates for Minnesota Senate, but Will Morgan (40A) gave a great campaign speech, Mick McGuire (25A), Colin Lee (36A) and Dave Page (57B) all spoke.  The best speech award goes to Travis Burton tonight.

Highlighting a couple of events discussed at the meeting:

The big CD2 golf fundraiser is August 1, only 233 people get in, and only 60 golfers, so make your reservations now.  It is a very affordable day of golf, great food and great discussions.  I’m going to talk to Charlie Thomas about putting together a memorabilia swap.

CD2 is now on Twitter @DFLCD2.

A couple of local events that we brought up:

Door knocking this Saturday in Lakeville.  This is a coordinated campaign door knocking event.  Meet Colin, myself and DFL staff and volunteers at the Dunn Bros. in Apple Valley on Galaxie by 11:00 am.  The more people the better.

The SD36 candidates will be hosting an outdoor event at Rambling River Park in Farmington on June 16th from 6:30-8:30 pm.  We are meeting at the picnic shelter.  Rain or shine come out and meet all three SD36 candidates.

The Dew Days Parade is June 19th at 1:00 in Farmington.  We need a big contingent of walkers for visibility.  If you are able to walk, carry signs, give out stickers or do something entertaining, we need you.  Contact Quist4Sen@hotmail.com.

Finally, Dan Powers in CD2, Colin Lee in 36A, Sigrid Iversen in 36B and myself, Steve Quist in SD36, need financial support to be viable candidates.  Even $5 makes all the difference.  Click on the name of the person you would like to make a donation to, better yet, make a $5 donation to all four candidates.

The next CD2 Central Committee Meeting is August 3, 2010 at the Burnhaven Library.  Join us.

Dan Powers is nice, but Shelley Madore can win CD2

At the DFL Senate District 36 convention Dan Powers said something that bothered me.  It wasn’t an issue related statement or a statement I disagreed with, it was the opening statement he made saying (paraphrased because I didn’t write down the quote):

Some people say I don’t have the experience to run against John Kline.

The implication was that Shelley Madore’s supporters or campaign was saying that about Dan Powers.  The problem I had was he started out his speech with a negative about himself.  He didn’t start with a positive about how great a candidate he is, or how much of a grasp he has on the issues that are important to CD2 voters.  He started out by telling everybody that others don’t think he is a good candidate.  

At the lunch break, I immediately went to a member of his staff and told her my opinion that Dan cannot start out with a negative.  It is perfectly fine to mention it during the speech if you want to counter it, but great marketing doesn’t start by telling everybody the rap against the product.

I don’t know if they listened to me and changed the message, but I’m guessing they did because Dan’s campaign is continually improving.  I sent him an email more than a year ago pointing out a wording problem I saw on a flyer I received.  His website and literature is now very good.  Last summer I suggested to a family member that a donation might be better served going to Mark Ritchie or Tim Walz than to a candidate I didn’t think had a chance.  Now I do think he has a chance. 

Dan’s campaign has come a long way.  In fact he had risen in my mind to the point that I decided to support him for the endorsement over Shelley Madore.  I felt like he was working hard and doing the right thing.  But I still had a nagging feeling that he was not a strong enough candidate to beat John Kline.

I’m not sure trying hard and getting better makes you the best candidate.  He has never won an election that I know of.  In fact I think he lost a couple races in the city of Burnsville.  A Powers supporter told me that “there was a reason” Shelley Madore lost two of her three races in Apple Valley.  Well that must mean there was a reason Dan Powers lost his races too.

Keep in mind, Shelley Madore ran as a DFLer in a Republican district and won.  Dan Powers ran as a candidate in a nonpartisan city election and lost.  When Shelley Madore lost her house seat to Tara Mack, the Apple Valley Republicans had spent the previous two years attacking her with everything they had from semantic arguments to dirty tricks.

Negative implications like the election loss talking points that are meant to hurt the other candidate are flying from each campaign’s supporters.

I don’t think Dan used union labor when he was a contractor…

I’m hearing Shelley won’t abide by the endorsement…

Dan has no political experience…

Shelley isn’t liked by people who used to support her…

Dan is just getting better because he is copying Shelley’s campaign…

The fact is that neither campaign is doing a great job here to win the endorsement.  Dan is working hard to get better, and Shelley hired a new campaign manager to get better. 

I’ve been struggling with the idea of do I choose the safe candidate that I know and like, or do I choose the candidate I don’t know, but who I know has the experience and toughness to win. 

I think a campaign staff change is exactly what the Madore campaign needed.  I feel like I need to choose the candidate I think is going to win.  I feel like I need to support Shelley Madore so the 2nd Congressional District finally has the representation it has been missing out on since January of 2003.

Reasons why I am supporting Shelley Madore:

  • Her involvement in the community of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities
  • Her commitment to doing “the right thing” for people even if it hurts her politically
  • Her knowledge of healthcare issues and her ability to challenge others on it
  • Her willingness to go toe-to-toe with John Kline and other Republicans to prove they are full of it
  • I think she can win, even though she is not the safe choice.  Read a blog post about that at mnpACT!
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Powers and Madore going down to the wire

This official press release (below) from Shelley Madore’s campaign was issued four days after The Big E at MPP announced it and wrote:

 “campaign changes this close to a convention is not a good thing and not a sign of campaign strength.”

 We’ll see if he is right. 

 The endorsement, provided there is one, is only 11 days away.  I’m thinking both candidates will be active.  I know Dan Powers will be.  He has a meet and greet scheduled tonight for 5:30 at the Dunn Bros in Apple Valley, and at 7:00 at Perkins in Burnsville.  Then tomorrow the 31st, he has a meet and greet scheduled for 7:00 at the Perkins in Lakeville.  Shelley Madore does not seem to have anything scheduled, at least that I know of.   

 This is going to be an interesting endorsing convention.

For Immediate Release

Veteran Campaign Staffer Dave Griggs joins Madore for Congress Campaign

Mar. 30, 2010 (Apple Valley, Minn.) – Shelley Madore is proud to announce that veteran campaign staffer Dave Griggs has joined Team Madore as Campaign Manager.

“Dave brings vision and experience that will benefit the campaign through the endorsement on April tenth and to victory on November second against John Kline,” Madore said.

Griggs, a native of St Louis Park and 2007 graduate of the University of St. Thomas Law School, recently finished working with the Bakk for Governor campaign. He has worked three election cycles for DFL campaigns with extensive experience in field organizing. His first job after graduating from New York University was as a Second Congressional District field organizer with U.S. Senator Paul Wellstone’s 2002 re-election campaign.

With just a few days until the first quarter fundraising deadline and less than two weeks until the Congressional District endorsing convention, Dave spent his first few days on the job reaching out to staff, delegates and donors.

“I am looking forward to working with a dynamic candidate who has the experience, passion and commitment to beat John Kline in November. Shelley will be a tireless advocate for the people of the Second Congressional District, something that has been sorely lacking the past eight years,” Dave Griggs said.

For more information about Minnesota Congressional District 2 candidate Shelley Madore, please visit www.madoreforcongress.com or call 952-232-0649.

Both Shelley Madore and Dan Powers Will Abide by the DFL Endorsement

There has been a lot of speculation in CD2 that the contest between Don Powers and Shelley Madore would continue past the endorsement at the convention to the primary in August. 

Dan Powers had said he would abide by the endorsement.  Shelley Madore had not answered the question.  She has now.  I received an email last night that simply says Shelley Madore will abide by the endorsement. 

To me that means, the endorsement which seemed to be leaning heavily toward Dan Powers, is up for grabs again.  People like Dan Powers.  He is working hard to win, and I can tell he will work hard right up until November 2.  Shelley Madore has tough campaign experience and can influence people with a single speech. 

We will see what happens.  I’m just glad we will have one person to get behind starting on April 11.  An in-party fight from April to August would have likely been counterproductive to the point of conceding the race the John Kline.  That will not happen now. 

Great news.

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How can John Kline explain a zero rating from Conservation Minnesota?

I read that you know you are a Minnesotan if you consider it a sport to gather your food by drilling through 18 inches of ice and sitting there all day hoping that the food will swim by.

I think there are plenty of Minnesotans who find it strange, let alone people from other parts of the country that think it is odd to drive out on the ice to fish in the winter hoping there will be fish near a tiny hole that is a miniscule fraction of the size of the rest of the lake. 

But fishing is important to Minnesotans.  Just being outdoors is important to Minnesotans.  I went fishing on Lake Waconia a few weeks ago.  We caught a few perch, but despite the lack of luck, it was a great day just to be out.

And it isn’t just fishing.  There seems to be an innate need among Minnesotans just to be outdoors.  Have you been at Lake Harriet or Lake Calhoun on that first sunny and 70 degree day in the spring?  The traffic on the walking paths rivals the halls of the Mall of America the week before Christmas.

Minnesotans are nationally known for our love of the outdoors.  I’ve heard stats about the per capita cabins, boats, fishing licenses, golfers, snowmobiles, and I’m sure you probably know one or two statistics also.  Fishing opener and deer hunting opener are practically state holidays.  The outdoors and natural resources have an important place in many of our lives.

So who is representing us when it comes to the outdoors and the environment?  It isn’t John Kline. 

The group Conservation Minnesota just released congressional ratings for 2009.  In 13 votes during the 2009 legislative session John Kline had a 0% environmental support rating.  In a reviewing John Kline’s overall environmental ratings, I learned that he has about a 20% approval rating when it comes to environmental issues over his time in Congress.  Of course that rating includes annual perfect 100% ratings from the conservative League of Private Property Voters.  If you remove those scores, his rating falls into the lower single digits, with annual 0% ratings from The League of Conservation Voters, American Lands Alliance, Defenders of Wildlife, Environment America, and even the group Republicans for Environmental Protection.

Is that voting record a record that reflects the voters of his district?  The environment is so important to Minnesotans, that we took matters into our own hands after years of decline in the quality of environmental legislation and spending by passing the Clean Water, Land and Legacy Amendment in November 2008.  With nearly 80% voter turnout, it passed, so no one can deny that was a mandate for our legislative leaders to take the lead and be the stewards of our natural resources that we expect.

John Kline isn’t willing to be that leader.  John Kline and Michelle Bachmann were the only two Minnesota Legislators to score an imperfect zero from Conservation Minnesota.  The voters of his district do not support zero percent.  That rating is proof that John Kline is out of touch.  It is proof that he is more willing to put Republican Party agenda above the ideals of a majority of people in his district?

The outdoors is a part of Minnesota’s heritage.  It is imperative that we protect it so we can pass it on to new generations of Minnesotans who will love it.  The candidates challenging John Kline will not score zeroes when one of them joins Congress.  Dan Powers wants to listen and act for the people of CD2.  Dan wants wind turbines and solar panels dotting the counties he represents.  We need a Representative who represents the ideals we hold dear.  Our wildlife and environment are dear to us.