A beautiful night at the DFL58 picnic, or was it a GOP event to ID those who are un-American?

Friday evening, the DFL58 group held its 2nd annual Picnic in the Park.  It was a beautiful cool and comfortable sunny evening.  57 people attended the picnic, and the organization raised $834 dollars in donations dropped in buckets and in silent auction bids.  Plus, we collected, on very short notice, two full bags of groceries for our local food shelves.

While most of the guests enjoyed some good conversation, great food, and exceptional homemade cookies and brownies, there was one odd guest. Right at the beginning of the event, a young man named Drew Christensen signed in. I was happy to see a young face, and not just a young face, but a young face who came alone, not with his parents.  I greeted him, but as we were still getting set up, I didn’t have time to talk to him and find out more about him.

Once I had a chance to talk to him, he was gone.  Then I noticed him sitting on a bench pretty far away.  I walked toward him, told him the hot dogs were ready and he should come and eat.  He said OK, but he just moved to a different bench.  That’s when I began to wonder what was up with him.

Drew kept creeping around the edges of the picnic.  Not close enough to be part of, or even listen to conversations.  I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt that he was incredibly shy and just observing from a safe distance, but I was begging to think maybe he was spy.

Spy is the wrong word, because our group is incredibly open. In fact, if Sen. Dave Thompson had made an appearance, I would have let him talk.  Heck, the TEA Party judicial candidate Dan Griffith came, and we let him talk twice as long as anybody else.  We are no secret society or exclusive group, everybody is welcome.

My guess is that Drew was a tracker sent there to video tape Amy Klobuchar or Mike Obermueller if they came. By the way, I am extremely disappointed neither of them came. Another blog will be forthcoming about that.  But since neither major candidate showed, he was stuck creeping around the perimeter.

As the picnic was winding down though, Drew moved in and went from creeper to just plain creepy.  He walked around the outside of the picnic shelter, videotaping each person in attendance.  I was in the front talking as he was slowly walking the edge, getting each person on tape.

He is either into some weird video fetish of middle-age old people eating potato salad, or he was some sort of a tracker.  But how creepy is it, and I know I’m using the word creepy a lot, but the word fits, how creepy is it that he was videotaping the faces of people he didn’t know, some that weren’t even DFLers who came with their DFL active spouses.  Was he doing it so some GOP version of the brown shirts could review the tape and try to identify moles in their own party, by the way, none of them were there tonight, or are they going to identify the people to crack some heads later when they get the chance to show DFLers who is boss?

Maybe they have one of those elaborate TV crime show computers that runs a picture against another picture that’s running like a slot machine until it finds a match, then when it does, they can enter that person into their data base as being “against America” as Michelle Bachmann would say.

I guess this is just my opinion, but if somebody told him to videotape the people in attendance, what other use is there than some sort of intimidation, they don’t have names.  The people at out meeting are good people, good families, who as a group believes in a lot of things that we think are good for our community.  Just because many of us believe the richest Americans are not better than you or me, or just because we think some people who can afford to contribute a little more than others to make our schools, towns and society better, stronger and safer, does not mean we are enemies that have to be identified so when the time comes we can be sent to the gulag.


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