Two Takes on Tuesday’s Results: Trump and Clinton

Here is where we stand today. We have less than 20 weeks until the Democratic Party National Convention in Philadelphia, and we have less than 34 weeks until Election Day. I think I hear this every election, and I even may say it myself every election, this election is shaping up to be one of the most important in history.

The results of yesterday’s primaries in Florida, Ohio, North Carolina, Missouri, and Illinois signaled two things to me. First, the Republican establishment is not going to beat Donald Trump. An ABC exit poll indicated Republican voters are angry at the government, favor an outsider, and feel the United States is falling behind. Trump is right in their wheel house, and winning four of five states yesterday, and finishing second in Ohio far ahead of Ted Cruz, indicates primary voting Republicans want Trump.

The the thing we have to remember as Democrats, is the attitude of those voting Republicans is a minority of the entire voting population, even if they seem to be the most vocal and have their own news network, they are a minority. That notion of a voting minority brings me to my second impression of last night’s results. It is time for Democrats to coalesce behind one candidate for the Democratic nomination. Hillary Clinton was expected to win four of the five states, but won all five. It is tough for Bernie Sanders supporters to hear, but Clinton’s path to the nomination is virtually a lock. That is not to say we have to stop supporting Bernie’s ideology, he is not going away, but it does mean we need to be pragmatic about this election.

Elections have consequences. They are not the doom and gloom consequence scare tactics to garner votes, after all, President Obama didn’t destroy the country, gas prices did not rocket up, the small increase in income tax didn’t damage the economy, and Iran has not attacked us. The consequences of a presidential election are a world forum to speak and negotiate, veto power, executive actions, and appointments. The death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia is a case in point of the last one.

Mr. Obama has the opportunity to appoint his third Justice to the Court. In addition, Associate Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Anthony Kennedy are 83 and 79, respectively, and Stephen Breyer is 77. The next President could solidify a court that returns to protecting people, not business and political ideology. Our political system needs to change, and it will not change until the Supreme Court cares about the constitutional freedom of people as individuals over corporate power and cash.

We shouldn’t worry about Donald Trump or Ted Cruz. It is time to be pragmatic about who is going to win the Democratic nomination because it is far more important for overall political plans to move forward. It is admirable to stand by one candidate, and to mourn a loss, or even be angry, but baby steps are often the best method for reaching a goal. It is time for us to begin backing Hillary Clinton and setting her up to win in November. She will make good appointments and continue to lead the charge toward a more fair and progressive nation. It is Hillary’s time.

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  1. Our political system needs to change, and it will not change until the Supreme Court cares about the constitutional freedom of people as individuals over corporate power and cash.
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    We, in Minnesota, can do little to change the Supreme Court … heck, considering the Electoral College, it is extremely unlikely that Minnesota would be a factor in the presidency.

    However, Minnesota can have an impact in the legislative branch — especially with an open seat in the Second.

    John Kline was a Republican — hardly a moderate in the Jim Ramstad mold but an establishment Republican. He would obstruct but learned that shutdowns don’t work. The Republicans, for the most part, have bashed Kline’s compromise budget votes … the question is will the Second District vote for someone who wants to join the Freedom Caucus ? The Freedom Caucus just picked up a seat yesterday when the top two finishers for John Boehner’s seat were “hardcore” TEA Party conservatives (admittedly, the actual special election will be in June but the district is gerrymandered in the Republican favor.)
    The OH-08 REPUBLICAN PRIMARY had over $2 million spent by outside groups … you can only imagine how much money will be spent in MN-02 this fall.

    Your most important vote will be your Congressional choice … vote wisely … vote for Angie Craig.

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