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Dave Thompson Town Hall Meeting 9/24/11 10-11:30 Lakeville South High School

Senate District 36 Republican state Senator and Republican Assistant Senate Majority Leader Dave Thompson is holding a town hall meeting at Lakeville South High School on Saturday, September 24, from 10:00am – 11:30am.

Of course just like his last meeting, he scheduled it on a day that many of the local progressives are already participating in another event. The Lakeville Friends of the Environment Peddle in the Park is scheduled from 9:00-Noon on the same day.  Curious.

If you plan to attend the meeting is at:

Lakeville South – Lecture Hall
21135 Jacquard Avenue
Lakeville, MN 55044

If you attend, please consider posting a summary of the meeting here.

Recap of Republican Sen. Dave Thompson’s first town hall meeting

Attendance was low at the first local town hall meeting organized by Senate District 36 state Senator Dave Thompson.  Less than ten people showed up at Farmington High School for the meeting, including the Senator, his legislative aide and local journalist Derrick Williams.  Among the remaining attendees was Farmington School Board Vice Chair, and active Republican Party member Brian Treakle, leaving just a handful of unaffiliated constituents.

It isn’t uncommon for such a low turnout at a meeting like this in a place like Senate District 36.  This is a safe Republican district with a low voter activist level on either side.  Republicans in the area feel safe and Democrats feel secluded.  However, it is surprising that Sen. Thompson didn’t organize a couple more local supporters to attend, at least for photos.  I’m sure that will change in the future.

Despite being as he described it, a “small “L” libertarian, which I can only assume means he believes not in the Libertarian Party, but the political philosophy that seeks to eliminate all but the most basic laws protecting people from being physically harmed and having their property stolen, Sen. Thompson contradicted himself on couple of “small ‘L’ libertarian” points.

While he stated he was against the Department of Education and the smoking ban (libertarian speak for shrink government bureaucracy and let people choose to make their own bad decisions,) he also stated he is against letting people make their own choice as to who they marry, and against the public being allowed to make their own bad decision to gamble here in Minnesota.  (I’m sure Gamblin’ Pat Garofalo (House 36B-R) and him don’t see eye-to-eye on that.)

He talked about the negative social impact of gambling being important, while hypocritically ignoring the social impact the smoking ban has in protecting the health of the majority of people (including children) who don’t smoke. 

Can you believe the hypocrisy in that simple idea that gambling has a negative social impact on our community while ignoring that smoking does too?  Or worse yet, the hypocrisy that he is concerned at all about any negative social impact when he is more concerned about keeping the wealthiest Minnesotans at their current income level than the social impact cutting medical, employment and basic aide items from the budget would have on children, low income families, single mothers and people with disabilities and their families. 

It might lead one to believe that a negative social impact isn’t the important aspect of his concern at all.  The contradictions are evident in his actions in the Senate.  So what’s the deal with the hypocrisy?  Ego?  Bigger political plans?  Warped sense of humor?  What?

Senator Dave Thompson is up for reelection in 2012, along with the entire Minnesota legislature. 

In 2012, let’s correct the mistakes we made in 2010.

Crossposted by Steve Quist at the DFL SD36 Website

Does John Kline engage people who disagree with him?

How well do you think Congressman Kline knows what people of his district want? He sure seems to know a lot of people in his district that agree with him. The problem I fear is that I get the impression that he only listen to what he wants to listen to.

It seems his staff filters out things he doesn’t like. At his last Town Hall in Faribault, he wouldn’t take a question from one of his constituents who happened to also be a member of the media. Kline’s representative Troy Young stated the media was not allowed to ask questions.

Obviously, the Congressman couldn’t take all the questions at that meeting, but the comment on the video by Mr. Young about the media member asking a partisan question leads me to believe they are insulating the Congressman too much. I get the feeling he and his staff think they know all they need to know about what people in the Second Congressional District want.

Since Congressman Kline and his staff are as knowledgeable about what people in his district want, I’m wondering how often he checks that and interacts with people who disagree with him? I get the impression he wouldn’t even take the time to talk to me, Dave or Holly. And if there was a conversation, my assumption is that it would probably be with Mike Osskopp or another staff member doing the talking for him.

Despite the importance of the current healthcare debate, there are many constituents who won’t call him because his staff has been rude in the past, or they feel his staff dismisses their comments. That is a problem. That feeling by a large group of his constituents that they are not being represented or cared about, should be a far greater concern to Congressman Kline than the Democratic Party’s ideas or President Obama’s healthcare plan. The problem he should worry about is unwillingness by him and his staff to work for everybody in his district, and everybody in America to continually make The United States of America the best country in the world. Ignoring that large group of people because of their political opinion makes the most recent bipartisan urging by the Congressman seem quite hypocritical.

It is time for Congressman Kline to be the leader he pretends to be when he is back in Lakeville. It is time for him to step up, or step aside so that somebody willing to take on tough issues can. Earmark reform and health care reform are ideas that can’t just be ignored in protest. People desperate for help can’t wait to start over. Somebody needs to step to the front to be the leader CD2, Minnesota and the nation needs.

The DFL has two great candidates in Shelley Madore and Dan Powers willing to take over for him.

Congressman Kline, represent all of us, or step aside.

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John Kline Schedules a Town Hall Meeting

Congressman John Kline has scheduled a town hall meeting on Friday, February 19, in Faribault.  Not one of those tele-town hall meetings, a live in person meeting.  It is a rare opportunity for CD2 constituents to see their representative.

The meeting is in the Michael J. Hanson Auditorium at Faribault High School, 330 9th Ave SW.  Enter the school through the main entrance, doors open at 6:00 pm.

I will not be able to attend.  I will be enjoying the weekend at Breezy Point where one of my sons will be participating in a hockey tournament.  But I have a couple suggestions for you if you plan to attend based on previous town hall meetings.

Get there early.  I’m not sure how this meeting is being communicated to constituents, but it will be heavily attended by Kline supporters, which I think is organized via phone, not by published media.  At a previous town hall meeting I attended in Lakeville a couple years ago, I got the impression from an older woman I walked into the meeting with that there was an organized effort to control the meeting by his supporters.  She made an assumption that I was a Kline supporter, I assume it was based on my arrival in a nice Buick like hers and the button-down shirt and dress pants I was wearing.  We talked as we walked in until she made an insulting comment about some protesters.  I said something to the effect that it was a free country and they have the right to their opinion, which made her confirm I was there to support Kline, I said no to.  We didn’t talk much after that.

Push your way to the front to be sure you get a prime spot in the auditorium if you don’t get there early.

Sit on the aisle.  If you can get an aisle seat, it is much more likely you will get noticed to ask your question, or make a comment.

Pay attention to the rules.  At previous meetings there have been rules about when you can make a comment and when you can ask a question.  There have even been rules about subjects you can ask about, so pay attention.  It is inevitable that a person will ask a good question that many people want the answer to, but it is at a time when Kline won’t answer it.

Plan your question or comment ahead of time so that you have an intelligent well thought out statement.  Don’t insult Congressman Kline as part of your question.  Make the question short and concise.  Don’t use tons of stats, and don’t take up a whole page writing your question.

Try and get others to go with you.  The fact is that GOPers are much more willing to attend this sort of event.  It is great if there are more DFLers in the crowd, but they don’t have to be DFLers.  I think an independent voter viewing the occasional rabid displays of affection by his supporters is a good first step in turning them off to him.

Don’t go to heckle.  It is disrespectful.  Congressman Kline is an elected official and deserves respect.  If you don’t want to have to respect him, you need to work harder to get somebody else elected.

After you go, feel free to send me your observations, maybe I can post them here.

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Congressman John Kline’s Town Hall Meeting (2007)

CI went to John Kline’s Town Hall Meeting tonight.

I was pretty disappointed in the event. It was well attended by both sides, but I was disappointed in that it was basically cheering/jeering event. Anytime anybody said something positive about Kline, his faction stood up and cheered, and when somebody said something negative his detractors stood and cheered.

The comments from the crowd were for the most part very partisan, oh by the way, everything is still Clinton’s fault. And Kline himself was very partisan whether he was praising the last congress, chiding the current congress, or insulting Democrats for “not being very democratic.”

It was a waste of time. Deep down I suspected it might be, but I hoped there would be an overwhelming opposition to him. There was not.

John Kline is a true Tom Delay Republican. And in the most Republican district in the state, he doesn’t need to worry about being common-sense. He can vote based on his narrow minority opinions with no fear of repercussions or unemployment until at least 2012 probably.