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Republicans are huge government spending hypocrites! We need to vote with compassion.

Did you read this story in the StarTribune about Chip Cravaack’s massive pay raises to his staff after he lost the election?

StarTribune 3/31/13: Lame-duck Cravaack handed out large raises to his staff

This is exactly why I vote for people who demonstrate love and compassion for people first. You cannot trust politicians when they say they will cut taxes or spending, or eliminate waste. But when a politician has demonstrated sincere concern for other humans, and cares how people and families live and survive, you know they will vote to make their lives better, even if they eventually fail on spending promises.

Chip Cravaack was a huge government spending hypocrite! He talked continuously about “what’s best for all Americans.” He attacked Oberstar and Nolan on trust, spending, and government waste. He was a TEA Partier, which should mean he is concerned about how our taxes are spent. And he voted to cut aid and college grants for many people who needed it. I think it is safe to say, he didn’t like “welfare.” But apparently that only applied to people he didn’t know personally. People who pledged an allegiance to him were fine getting welfare. When he lost the 2012 election, he gave his full-time staff and friends a 93% government pay raise for the final two months of their government employment. And worse yet, this government spending hawk, and welfare hater, admits he gave them government welfare. Cravaack said “at the end of the year, I maxed out everybody because I had no idea how long these guys would be out of work.” He gave them extra unemployment. If any of them claimed unemployment Americans paid them twice!

It wasn’t his money to dole out to his lackeys. This is the perfect example of why you shouldn’t trust politicians who care more about taxes than people. This is why I don’t trust politicians like Chip Cravaack, John Kline, Michelle Bachman, Tom Emmer, or Dave Thompson, whose solution to everything seems to be lower taxes and less government. I want politicians whose solution is to improve lives for the next several generations, not to give me an extra $50 at the end of the year. I believe these are self-righteous politicians who want control and prestige more than they really care about their ideals. If these politicians were Doctors rather than lawyers, they would have a God Complex, and a few that I’ve met might have that anyway. In the end, I think they will do what benefits themselves and their friends not what benefits the rest of us, despite what they say.

That’s why it is so unimaginable for me to vote for Republicans these days. I think at one time, there were Republicans who cared about the future and families, and still had plans for less spending. Now it seems caring about people is a bad thing in the Republican Party, and the world and those less fortunate are jokes to them. I can’t see myself voting for anybody other than a liberal in the near future. It is about compassion first, even if fiscal responsibility is second. That’s not happening on the right side of the aisle.

Two very different videos of Paul Thissen and Kurt Daudt

The Minnesota House of Representatives Public Information Services posted two Session Update videos after DFLers and Republicans elected their new leaders.  One video showed Paul Thissen, who was elected the new Speaker of the Minnesota House, flanked by a large group of DFL House members.  The other video was Kurt Daudt, the newly elected Minority Leader, by himself.

It makes sense in one way, DFLers are more excited about their results, but I also wonder if there isn’t an indication of some issues among the Republican group. Daudt said in his media availability that he didn’t think anybody saw this coming.  I disagree, DFLers were pretty confident of winning one legislative body, and were cautiously optimistic of winning both bodies.  It is only shocking because I think Republicans spend so little time interacting with people on the other side, and receiving accolades from like-minded individuals, that they were the only ones who didn’t see this coming.

I think the two videos tell another story.  There is a wide range of ideology among House DFLers, from the very liberal, to many moderates, to former Republicans.  They won’t all agree, but they are unified.  I’m not sure about the other side.  They are so like-minded, and so confident that they are always right, that they have a really hard time changing, probably even about who they support for leadership.  Kurt Daudt might have a big task to get his caucus together.  I think it is also might be a bad sign for Republicans that they didn’t elect a Deputy Minority Leader, which makes me think tensions may have been very high.

It is interesting that no information has leaked out.  It is interesting that my state Rep., Pat Garofalo, has been so quiet on Twitter.  I think it is going to be another rough week or two before they start coming back to life.  The one thing Republicans sure are all talking about is how DFLers wanted bipartisanship, and stressing that they are going to hold DFLers to that.  But what they are forgetting is that they did not just ignore those bipartisanship calls and go on with their business, they taunted the DFL and gave them the finger at every opportunity.  It is not the DFL’s job to be bipartisan now, they received a mandate, it is the DFL’s job to prove to Minnesotans that the DFL has the agenda to bring Minnesota back to where it was before Ventura and Pawlenty.

Hello Jason Lewis?? Dirty Tactics?? Your blaming the wrong side.

How absurd is Jason Lewis?  He wrote an opinion piece for the StarTribune this weekend titled “Voter ID foes fought dirty to get a win.”  A more apropos title might be Voter ID defeated despite dirty political tactics of conservatives to get it on the ballot.

Jason Lewis is a whiner, and I am already sick of conservatives who two years ago told Democrats to stop crying about elections — that the voters will was done.  But this year, are blaming the amendments (placed on the ballot by Republicans,) blaming independents, blaming the Independence Party, blaming Kurt Bills and Mitt Romney. In the words of Ann Romney, stop it!

And this argument of dirty tactics? RUBBISH! You know what dirty tactics are? Placing an amendment on the ballot to drive voters to the polls because you know you can’t win without it.  Another dirty tactic, changing laws to make it harder to vote, not easier.  That is dirty.  How about what one Farmington Republican told me: at least if the marriage amendment is on the ballot, liberals will spend all their money to defend gays and a Voter ID bill will pass easily, which only helps Republicans in the future. Has Brodkorb enlightened us on that tactic yet?  Was that rationalization his own, or did he get that idea from his state Senator, Dave Thomspon, who helped craft the ballot language on one and authored the other?  How slimy.

Two years ago all we heard was that elections have consequences.  Well elections have consequences still.  Do you know what else has consequences?  How you govern, how fairly you treat people, how you solve problems (can you say Republican government shutdown,) and how little you get done in the legislature.  2010 was a lucky break for Republicans because of Obamacare and the economy. 2012 was a realization that dirty politics, divisiveness, and gridlock come from one party far more than the other.

Voting is a right, not a privilege

Today I voted for president for the 7th time in my life.  When I was 18 year and 13 days old, I voted in my first general election, and have not missed one since, 13 general elections and counting.  In fact, I have only missed one primary in my life.  Obviously I take voting very seriously.

I also believe voting is both a right and an obligation.  People died to have free elections.  Americans have been killed ensuring all Americans have the right to vote.  And soldiers have died defending freedom.  It is a responsibility to honor those who gave us the rights we have today, and it is an obligation to ensure everybody who can vote does.  That’s why I voted “No” on the Voter ID amendment.  I am all for some sort of verification, but it needs to be something simple to enact and something that actually makes it easier to vote.  There is no excuse to building barriers to voting.

One of the most hypocritical political ads I saw was an ad supporting the Photo ID Amendment, with supporters talking about “defending your right” to vote. It is hypocritical because Republican have argued endlessly that voting is a privilege not a right. So what is it?

Vote for the Minnesota Supreme Court incumbents, NOT Dan Griffith, Tim Tinglestad or Dean Barkley.

What is the hottest political topic in Minnesota right now? You’d think maybe the Nolan-Cravaack race, or the amendments, maybe even the narrowing race between Obama and Romney in the state, right? Well you would be wrong. Based on the elevated number of searches and hits on my site, it is the Minnesota Supreme Court elections in less than two weeks.

I wrote a couple of stories on the problems I see with Dan Griffith before the primary, and both those posts are now number one and number two all-time of my most read posts, each garnering thousands of hits. I hope they are making an impact, because I think the state would be damaged by electing Dan Griffith or Tim Tinglestad. There is another judicial race though that I have not written about, Dean Barkley is challenging Barry Anderson.

Does Dean Barkley intrigue you? He’s the Independent candidate who keeps running and keeps causing problems for Democrats. Barry Anderson may be a former Republican lawyer and appointed by Pawlenty, but don’t forget he ruled for Al Franken against Norm Coleman.

When it comes to judicial races, not just the Supreme Court races, but the 1st District judge races in my area too, I urge voters to just vote for the incumbent judge. I know voting for incumbents goes against many people’s modus operandi, but this year, there are no good challengers for Judge. Dan Griffith and Tim Tinglestad are right-wing hacks who want to use the judicial system to change Minnesota. Dean Barkley doesn’t have the resume. And the local judges in the 1st District are just fine.

If you want more details on each race, check out these stories on:

Dan Griffith: “How Dumb is ‘Shifty Dan’ Griffith

Dean Barkely: “IMHO: Vote for G. Barry Anderson, not Dean Barkley

Tim Tingelstad: “WARNING: Tim Tingelstad is dangerous to Minnesota

Vote for incumbents when it comes to voting for judges on November 6.  Even Republican bloggers are urging that.  See, we can actually agree on something political.