Yes We Can – The Poem

It is election season, isn’t it great
Late nights of watching TV debate.
The candidates all run on platforms of change
But little is different ‘tween the candidate’s range.

We try to choose well so our cares are assuaged
And the world is better, as we approach middle age
We caucus and vote for the left and the right
But however we vote it ends often in a plight.

The elected don’t do what we hope and they promise
Or maybe it’s me, just a big doubting Thomas.
But I still get excited when the season is here
And I give my candidate’s wins a big cheer.

Could this year be different, a glimmer of hope
Excitement and vibrant with no traces of taupe.
I really feel good about my choice, I’m a fan
I say to myself, yes we can, yes we can.