Plagiarism Attack is Desperation on Clinton’s Part

I become a stronger and stronger Obama backer each day. It’s not stronger because I am filled with more and more hope. I’ll vote for Clinton if she is the nominee, but I am getting sick of her outspoken supporters on the radio.

This whole plagiarism thing is absurd. Is a candidate supposed to hand out a set of footnotes before they speak? If Obama quotes the constitution or the bible, should he stop and credit Thomas Jefferson or the Apostle Paul?

As I read from a Bob Cesca blog post, at Senator Clinton’s Jefferson-Jackson Dinner speech last week. She said

“Are you ready to take back the White House…”

That sounds an awful lot like this one:

“…and then we’re going to Washington, D.C., to take back the White House! YAAARRR!”

She didn’t credit Howard Dean…


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