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Mike Hatch Wins 2006 Preference Poll

I attended my local caucus Tuesday. It is the first time I have attended a caucus since I was 18. I wanted to go to support Mike Hatch in the preference poll. I was happy that Mike Hatch won our precinct poll, and even more excited that he won the state wide preference poll.

I like the fact that Mike Hatch is not afraid to say what he wants to say. In a way, he may be seen as a little reckless, taking risks or saying things other candidates might not, but I think that is what we need in the DFL. We need candidates who are more concerned about issues than political correctness, and who are going to fight for everyone.

I will be a delegate at the local convention on the 25th, and hopefully, I can go to the state convention to make my common-sense preferences known.

The following is a release from the DFL:


ST. PAUL (3/07/06)-The following are results of the Minnesota DFL Party preference poll conducted at 4,125 precinct caucuses across Minnesota Tuesday, March 7, 2006.

With 75 percent of the precincts reporting, the number of who voted in the preference poll was 22,821. Final attendance and regional breakout data will be distributed at a later date.

“The projected turnout was the highest in a non-presidential year for almost a quarter century,” said Minnesota DFL Chair Brian Melendez. “This year’s precinct caucuses are a major success, due in large part to the thousands of volunteers who organized in every one of the 4,125 precincts in Minnesota.”

With 75 percent of precinct caucus locations reporting.

Senate (22,821)
Ford Bell 15.9%
Amy Klobuchar 76.9%
Undecided/other 7.2%

Governor (22,697)
Kelly Doran 6.4%
Mike Hatch 38.3%
Steve Kelley 22.4%
Becky Lourey 22.7%
Ole Savior 0.3%
Undecided/other 9.8%