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MNDem.com 2010 Minnesota Gubernatorial Poll (2009 Mid-Summer)

Web polls for candidates tend to be more of a demonstration of organization than a truly meaningful anything.  But I love polls and statisitics, so I can’t help myself.

If you had to decide today, which candidate for governor would you choose?

The Poll ends Friday night.

Poll Results (Total votes 405):

Margaret Anderson Kelliher – 170 votes
Paul Thissen – 66 votes
Steve Kelley – 53 votes
Matt Entenza – 31 votes
R.T. Rybak – 20 votes
Susan Gaertner – 19 votes
Mark Dayton – 16 votes
Chris Coleman – 10 votes
John Marty – 7 votes
Another Party’s Candidate – 5 votes
A Different DFLer – 4 votes
Tom Bakk – 2 votes
Tom Rukavina – 2 votes


In the previous poll I did a few months ago, the top five finishers in order were Dayton, Marty, Thissen, Somebody Else and Entenza.  In that poll, I did not include Rybak, Coleman, Kelliher or Rukavina.

mnpACT! Governor Series – Steve Kelley and Susan Gaertner

I attended the second mnpACT! meeting featuring the candidates for governor Friday night. The meeting featured Ramsey County Attorney Susan Gaertner and former State Senator Steve Kelley. About 20 people attended the meeting. Susan Gaertner spoke first, followed by Steve Kelley

Two things really struck my about Susan Gaertner. First, she has an extremely hard row to hoe in order to get the DFL endorsement. Second, despite drawing comparisons to herself and Amy Klobuchar, I don’t think she has the same presence.

I was not surprised when the first question to her related to the RNC and erosion of rights. I wasn’t surprised when it came back to freedoms/the RNC after a couple questions. And I still wasn’t surprised when it ended with RNC questions/comments. If this meeting is any indication, the RNC issue is going to dog her even more than I thought. Gaertner even seemed a little annoyed by the issue. She was asked a question, began speaking, and the questioner obviously wanted to say something else, but Gaertner stopped him and asked him to let her finish. Then with barely a pause at the end of her statement she quickly said “you have a question” pointed to somebody else. She took the other question without taking the comment or counter argument she stopped a minute before.

I felt like she was a little annoyed with questions. As the questions continued, I felt like the tone of her voice changed from being confident to sounding defensive. She didn’t smile a lot. I just get the feeling that the process is going to wear her out. And I think that was emphasized in the stark contrast to Steve Kelley who spoke after her, who smiled and joked throughout the presentation.

A couple other concerns I have about Gaertner. She mentioned she would consider taxing clothing above $75. And she would consider taxing consumer services. I’m going to have to ask the other candidates going forward about that, but that seems like a huge wedge that could be the difference in a campaign against a republican candidate.

In a previous post, I ranked Susan Gaertner in the middle of the pack to become the DFL gubernatorial candidate. If I did the ranks again, I would move her to the bottom.

In those same ranking, I put Steve Kelley at the bottom of the list. I’m still not sure he can win, but I understand why so many DFLers like him. It seems like he knows practically everything. The knock that seems to stick to him is that he has Mondale-itis. Great mind, great ideas, but a serious lack of excitement.

And that might be an issue. But this was the first time I have seen Steve Kelley in person, and I liked him. I didn’t think he was boring, well other than a couple times when he was talking about things I didn’t get. The depth of his knowledge might be dull, but he was excited about it. I thought he spoke well, with a good tone, and he made a couple jokes, or quick remarks that were entertaining.

I really liked some things he said about intergenerational justice. We need to ensure we are not doing things today that will make life harder for our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. The only way we can do that is to decide today how we are going to treat them.

Overall, I was impressed by Steve Kelley. There is much better review of his speech than I can provide at mnpACT!. Check that out. mnpACT! will continue the series on September 11th, at 7:00 p.m. when Paul Thissen and John Marty will speak.

Results of the MNDem.com 2010 Governor Poll #1

Now that I moved the site to WordPress, I don’t have the 2010 Gubernatorial Poll available anymore.  Not to worry.  I love polls, and plan on doing another one in a couple months after more of the candidates get flushed out.

The results of the poll were not too surprising.  In the first couple of weeks, the two candidates whom I expect to push into the primary regardless of the endorsement, Mark Dayton and Matt Entenza, were leading.  However, while Entenza and Dayton stagnated in vote totals after the first week or so, John Marty and Paul Thissen kept chipping away at the lead.  The final results of the MNDem.com 2010 poll for Governor were:

Mark Dayton                                17 votes     29%
John Marty                                   15 votes     26%
Paul Thissen                                   9 votes      16%
Matt Entenza                                  8 votes      14%
Another DFLer                              7 votes      12%
Susan Gaertner                               1 vote        1%
The “Anointed” Republican      1 vote        1%
Tom Bakk                                         0 votes       0%
Steve Kelley                                    0 votes       0%

Total votes = 58 votes

Upcoming Notable Events

DFL CD2 Central Committee Meeting
Tuesday, Jun 9 6:30 p.m.
Savage Library Meeting Room
13090 Alabama Ave S
(next to Savage USPO and City Hall).
Visitors are welcome
Visit the
CD2 website for more information.

mnpACT! Speaker Event: Candidates for Governor in 2010 Series
Friday, Jun 12 7:00 p.m.
Open Circle Church
2400 Highland Drive, Burnsville
An evening with Ramsey County Attorney Susan Gaertner and former State Senator Steve Kelley. Both Susan Gaertner and Steve Kelley will speak and answer questions about their candidacies for Governor of Minnesota and their visions for our state.
Everyone welcome, and the event is free.
Visit the

mnpACT! website for more information.

I will try to be at both, say hi.

2010 DFL Gubernatorial Rankings

It is interesting how popular the 2010 gubernatorial race is when you consider we are a year away from a DFL endorsement, and several more months before a primary winner is declared. A testament to the popularity is the poll on the right sidebar of this blog. I have had a few polls up on the blog in the past, and think it was lucky to have double digit responses on one of them. A week into this gubernatorial poll, and there have already been (as of writing this post) over 30 votes.

My poll is a close match to the MN Progressive Project May Power Rankings that were posted today. Dayton and Entenza have a solid lead, and the rest are kind of bunched up. Personally, I agree with the MN Progressive Project rankings. I think Dayton and Entenza are the candidates to beat in the current field, but I think Rybak would move to the top of the list if he entered the race. So I have come up with my own rankings if all potential candidates compete. Not based on my choice, but based on how I think they will do at the caucuses, and ultimately in the endorsement process. I didn’t want to spend a paragraph analyzing each candidate, mainly because I don’t know enough about some of them to do it, but I have included a couple words for what I think are the pros and cons of each candidate:

  1. Rybak – Pro: Response to Bridge Collapse/T-Paw – Con: His socks/slightly goofy
  2. Dayton – Pro: Senator – Con: Closing his senate office
  3. Entenza – Pro: Strong high powered DFL support – Con: United Health Care/ Hatch Spying
  4. Marty – Pro: Healthcare/Environment – Con: Has shown he can’t win already, 1994 lost by 30 points
  5. Thissen – Pro: New blood – Con: Who is Paul Thissen?
  6. Coleman – Pro: Strong campaign staff – Con: The RNC
  7. Gaertner – Pro: Ramsey County Attorney – Con: The RNC
  8. Kelliher – Pro: 2007-2008 House Majority Leader – Con: 2009 House Majority Leader
  9. Bakk – Pro: Seems Tough – Con: Name Recognition Mainly in North
  10. Kelley – Pro: Old School DFL Name Recognition – Con: Is he becomming a perennial candidate?

Since there is interest, take a minute and check out where the candidates are speaking on their websites. We are getting close to the point where candidates start regularly showing up at meetings.

Upcoming Meetings:
2nd Congressional District Central Committee Meeting
Tuesday, June 9, 2009, 6:30 pm
Savage Library Meeting Room
13090 Alabama Ave S, Savage
(next to Savage USPO and City Hall)

Senate District 36 Get Together Potluck
followed by the Central Committee Meeting
Thursday, Jul 16, 2009
Rambling River Center, 413 3rd Street, Farmington.
Potluck starts at 6:00 pm. Anybody interested is welcome.