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Fill me with soma and let the corporations decide what to do with me.

Where are all the cries coming from right-wingers about activist judges?  Our politicians are already overly influenced by corporations, now they are going to be selected by corporations too.  Great!  And it isn’t just GE, Exxon, Citibank, Wal-Mart or UnitedHealth we need to worry about.  There is nothing to stop a Saudi or Chinese corporation from buying ads to influence our elections now.  Thanks Supreme Court. 

Thanks for setting the course for all those sci-fi movies and futuristic books with mega-corporations running the world.   When do they start determining who costs too much to live – oh wait, insurance companies already do!  Pfizer can start feeding us soma to keep us happy, Wal-Mart can instruct us in what is OK to buy, and UnitedHealth can start eliminating the surplus population that costs us a little too much as a society.

Do you think I am overreacting?  Think about a local election.  The total campaign expenditures in 2008 for both candidates in my house district 36B was under $50,000.  What is stopping a company from spending $50,000 or $100,000 on one candidate to send their own henchman to the State House?  How much do they spend on lobbyists?  Who needs a lobbyist when a company can have their own Joe Leiberman.

And what about the cost of ads now?  With the influx of spending, the cost will go up.  It’s called supply and demand.  That will make it harder for a local candidate to afford to advertise.  It will make running a campaign even more expensive, thus more beholden to big money.

Let’s be honest.  Republicans have got to be most happy about this decision.  Not because they will likely benefit from more corporate spending than Democrats, but because the onslaught of commercials will just turn more people off to politics.  The fewer people engaged the better Republicans do.  Suppressing the number of voters is good news for the GOP.

Republican leadership is spewing first amendment talking point trash, but the only ‘persons” who will soon have first amendment rights will be “persons” with money.  John McCain has every right to be “disappointed” Mitch McConnell.


It’s the Supreme Court Stupid

From The National Review Online:

The Corner – Saturday, May 31, 2008
The Coming Feminist Backlash? [Kathryn Jean Lopez]

MINNEAPOLIS — The founder of the DFL Feminist Caucus in Minnesota is saying
“no” to Barack Obama.

Koryne Horbal says she and other feminists are promising action that could hurt Obama’s candidacy if the disputed Florida and Michigan delegations are not fully seated at the Democratic National Convention.

If Obama becomes the nominee under those circumstances, Horbal says she and others will write-in Hillary Rodham Clinton’s name on the ballot in November instead of voting for Obama.

What is wrong with these people? I heard a radio program say that Horbal would rather elect McCain and have Hillary run in four years. I am not sure if that statement is true, but she, and the “others” needs to hearken back to NARAL’s buttons that said “It’s the Supreme Court Stupid.”

John Paul Stevens is 88 years old.
Ruth Bader Ginsburg is 75 years old.
Stephen Bryer will be 70 this year.

Add to that Souter who is in his later 60s and Scalia and Kennedy who are in their 70s, and there could be five or six nomination for the next president!

If Koryne Horbal is concerned with feminist issues, the first priority should be the Supreme Court. Hilary should be a little farther down the list.

Where have you gone John Edwards?

As I rode into work today, I listened to the beginning of the Stephanie Miller Show. The first caller said she would never vote for Hillary Clinton, and the second caller said he would never vote for Barack Obama.

This is an imperative year for the Democrats to win, especially from a Supreme Court standpoint, And as usual the party is shooting itself in the foot.

Howard Dean pulled out his 50 state strategy at the perfect time. The 50 state strategy worked because of the poor decisions made by Bush, Cheney, Delay, Lott and the like. It can still work this election, but the infighting between the Clinton camp and the Obama camp is really jeopardizing what should be an easy win in the presidency.

Both parties need to stop attacking the other candidate and start attacking Bush, Cheney and McCain. If we tear down our own candidates, how are we going to beat the Republicans.

Don’t give me the line that we are making the candidates tougher, an attack holds a lot more merit when it comes from what should be an ally. Let the republicans toss out shady land deal conspiracies, let them attack religious leaders, let them call Democrats week on defense. They are the party who people find more untrustworthy, let them try to make attacks stick.
Democrats will win by uniting and using the last eight years against the Republicans. We are close to the point of not being able to unite, splitting into irrevocable factions.

Maybe John Edwards needs to get back into the race. Maybe we need to draft Al Gore at the convention. Maybe Chris Dodd needs to ascend to the top. Maybe we need to let the past become the past and wait for the future to become the future, by selecting a truly unifying candidate for 2008.