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You Can’t Spell (blank) Without GOP

My state representative, Rep. Pat Garofalo was so clever posting the following message on Twitter a couple times:

I really did think it was clever.  I don’t know if he thought of it, but it was clever.  I think it was Thom Hartmann I heard once say you can’t spell Oligopoly without GOP.  That one is pretty good too.  We could come up with several of these on each side, and I love games, so I decided to come up with a few.  I even created the Twitter hashtag #cantspellwithoutGOP to get everybody (crickets) involved.

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Here are a few I came up with:

You can’t spell POLITICIZING without GOP
You can’t spell IMPOVERISHING without GOP
You can’t spell PROPAGANDA without GOP
You can’t spell EXPORTING JOBS without GOP
You can’t spell GOLDBRICKING without GOP

Oh, I like this one for Sen. Gretchen Hoffman and Michael Brodkorb
You can’t spell UNAPOLOGETIC without GOP

You can’t spell POLLUTING without GOP
You can’t spell ATROPHYING without GOP
You can’t spell POSING without GOP
You can’t spell GOUGING without GOP
You can’t spell OPPRESSING without GOP
You can’t spell DISEMPOWERING without GOP
You can’t spell POLARIZING without GOP
You can’t spell FINGER POINTING without GOP
You can’t spell MEGACORPORATION without GOP

How about this one, is it in really bad taste or just bad taste?  For Rep. Mark Buesgens:
You can’t spell BARHOPPING without GOP

You can’t spell POISONING without GOP
You can’t spell SPOILAGE without GOP

We can go national too.  For Sen. David Vitter of LA:
You can’t spell PROPOSITIONING without GOP

For former Gov. Schwarzenegger of CA:
You can’t spell GROPE without GOP

You can’t spell DISPROPORTIONING without GOP
You can’t spell MISREPORTING without GOP

If you have your own, head over to the Twitter hash tag #cantspellwithoutGOP and add one in, or leave a comment here.


Who is the adult? Governor Dayton who is willing to compromise or the GOP (Greedy Old Party)?

In the “you have got to be kidding me” political world that we unfortunately seem to be living in right now, Republican leaders and right-wing bloggers are attacking Governor Mark Dayton for saying he is willing to compromise on the budget.  He is willing to go halfsies!  $1.8 billion in raised taxes on the wealthiest 2% of Minnesotans and $1.8 billion in Republican tax cuts.  That seems like a very adult and very logical reconciliation to a budget problem that they have less than a week to solve without paying legislators more and thus costing taxpayers more for a special legislative session. 

I don’t completely agree with it necessarily, but at least Governor Dayton is being the grown up in the room trying to resolve the problems of the whiney and time wasting Republican legislators acting like selfish toddlers.    

Let’s see, one side wants to negotiate (Governor Dayton) and one side WILL NOT compromise because they are greedy and want to get their way (Republican Legislators.)  Who is the public going to blame if there is a shutdown?  I suspect it won’t be the party that was willing to negotiate and for weeks asked Republican leaders for a full budget to at least get the negotiations started (yeah, let’s not forget that Republicans still have not submitted a full budget plan.)  No, I suspect the Republican led legislature who refused to compromise will be the ones getting blamed, and they should. 

63% of Minnesotans support a budget that includes both tax increases and cuts.  27% of Minnesotans support at cuts only budget.  So who are the Republican legislators trying to please here, the majority or their base? 

Republicans who refuse to compromise will be loved by their base, what’s that 27% of the voters?  But when the campaigns kick into gear in a few months, it will be the DFL Party, the party of progressives, farmers and workers, as well as education, compassion and compromise, against the GOP, not the Grand, but the Greedy Old Party, the party of the richest Minnesotans, CEOs and pawn shops, as well as the party of taking away rights, fiscal meltdowns and selfishness.

I guess if we can survive the next legislative session led by selfish Republican legislators, it should be slam dunk in 2012 for the DFL.  Amy Klobuchar will crush Dan Severson, Chris Barden, Dave Thompson, or whichever candidate the Greedy Old Party picks.  And she along with President Obama will lead a ticket that retakes both Minnesota houses, which will be led by forward thinking politicians in Paul Thissen and Tom Bakk.  Governor Dayton, Speaker Thissen, Senate Majority Leader Bakk… I’m dreaming of a golden age of growth and improvement in Minnesota, truly a better Minnesota, but we need to get through this mess and past these selfish Republicans right now.

Spread the word about who is willing to compromise.  Now is not the time to be a timid Democrat.  Speak up.  Call Governor Dayton’s office and tell him to stand strong, and tell him you support him on the budget.  We can’t sit back and just wish or hope for a Better Minnesota, otherwise we will end up in the struggles Wisconsin is fracturing under.  Even a baby step out of the political closet is a positive step toward a Better Minnesota.  Do it!

More Republican Hypocrisy

It is not surprising to me that as Republicans criticize Al Franken, they are dealing with their own fiscal problems as documented in the StarTribune’s May 8, 2008, “State GOP has its own bookkeeping woes” by Pat Doyle and Dan Browning.

Republicans are very good at saying one thing and doing another.

I may seem overly sarcastic when it comes to the Republican party touting fiscal responsibility, but I have very good first hand knowledge of their lack of fiscal responsibility.

I worked for a company that provided conference space, catering and entertainment for a Republican event close to ten years ago. The total bill was over $50,000. The republican party of Minnesota paid less than half, then claimed the person who organized the event was not authorized to spend that much and they were not going to pay the rest.

Ron Eibensteiner, the Chair of the MNGOP wrote a personal check for $9,000, and our company wrote the rest off.

It was sickening a couple weeks later when I saw Eibensteiner on Almanac talking about how the Republican party was the only party who could control spending.

Al Franken For Minnesota

Did you see this?

Minnesota Republican Party Chairman Ron Carey issued this statement about Al Franken:

“Given his blind partisanship and extreme anger, Al Franken is the last person Minnesotans need in the United States Senate. While Senator Norm Coleman continues to work with all sides for the betterment of our state and nation, Franken offers Minnesotans nothing but polarization and vitriolic personal attacks.”


First off, the last people to accuse others of being partisan should be the current bunch of Republicans! Second, Al Franken Is one of those rare candidates who has the common-sense to see both sides of an issue, and still fight hard for what he believes in.

Sure, Al will make some jokes, but look at it this way, Norm Coleman’s record of “betterment of our state and nation,” as Ron Carey put it, is a joke in itself, so the race will be pretty even there.

It is a long way off, but All Franken might be the ideal candidate for the seat once held by Paul Wellstone.

 (Take a minute and look at his campaign announcement.)