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More Republican Hypocrisy

It is not surprising to me that as Republicans criticize Al Franken, they are dealing with their own fiscal problems as documented in the StarTribune’s May 8, 2008, “State GOP has its own bookkeeping woes” by Pat Doyle and Dan Browning.

Republicans are very good at saying one thing and doing another.

I may seem overly sarcastic when it comes to the Republican party touting fiscal responsibility, but I have very good first hand knowledge of their lack of fiscal responsibility.

I worked for a company that provided conference space, catering and entertainment for a Republican event close to ten years ago. The total bill was over $50,000. The republican party of Minnesota paid less than half, then claimed the person who organized the event was not authorized to spend that much and they were not going to pay the rest.

Ron Eibensteiner, the Chair of the MNGOP wrote a personal check for $9,000, and our company wrote the rest off.

It was sickening a couple weeks later when I saw Eibensteiner on Almanac talking about how the Republican party was the only party who could control spending.


Al Franken For Minnesota

Did you see this?

Minnesota Republican Party Chairman Ron Carey issued this statement about Al Franken:

“Given his blind partisanship and extreme anger, Al Franken is the last person Minnesotans need in the United States Senate. While Senator Norm Coleman continues to work with all sides for the betterment of our state and nation, Franken offers Minnesotans nothing but polarization and vitriolic personal attacks.”


First off, the last people to accuse others of being partisan should be the current bunch of Republicans! Second, Al Franken Is one of those rare candidates who has the common-sense to see both sides of an issue, and still fight hard for what he believes in.

Sure, Al will make some jokes, but look at it this way, Norm Coleman’s record of “betterment of our state and nation,” as Ron Carey put it, is a joke in itself, so the race will be pretty even there.

It is a long way off, but All Franken might be the ideal candidate for the seat once held by Paul Wellstone.

 (Take a minute and look at his campaign announcement.)