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Integrity in a blog

There is this new “conservative” blog called Midwest Spin.  Unlike me, it is somebody who probably knows what they are doing with this whole blog and social media thing.  They started following me on Twitter, so I checked who they were.  At that point they were following 200+ and had 15 followers.  A couple days later they are following 1,156 and had 156 followers.  I guess that is how you drive people to your site, feign interest in them.  I know I am behind the times, but I tend not to follow people unless there is specific information I am waiting or looking for.  Don’t be offended if you follow me and I don’t return the favor. 

Anyway, I visited the Midwest Spin blog to see who it was.  I think they had five posts at the time, they have seven now, all pretty innocuous.   But the thing that bothered me is that it is completely anonymous.   They have already changed the “About Me” page.  Originally the About Me page stated they were a “group of guys” in the Midwest, I believe they used “fly-over country” working to stop the liberal influx on society.  That’s all they said about themselves.

It has changed.  They are not a “group of guys” anymore, but they still don’t identify themselves.  I posted a comment on their introductory post asking them to identify themselves.  They use integrity in their title and common-sense in their introduction, but without accountability, there is no integrity no matter how much common-sense you claim to have.

I noticed that somebody named Minnesota Grizzly Bear commented on their site and my “Fill me with soma” post this morning.  I’m guessing he or she is associated with their blog but that is just speculation.  I’ll be interested to see what happens to them.  I’m not going to spend time trying to find out who they are, but I’ll add them to my reader for a while to see how the blog develops.  I’d tell you to check them out and let me know what you think, but it is pretty dull right now.