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2010 DFL Gubernatorial Rankings

It is interesting how popular the 2010 gubernatorial race is when you consider we are a year away from a DFL endorsement, and several more months before a primary winner is declared. A testament to the popularity is the poll on the right sidebar of this blog. I have had a few polls up on the blog in the past, and think it was lucky to have double digit responses on one of them. A week into this gubernatorial poll, and there have already been (as of writing this post) over 30 votes.

My poll is a close match to the MN Progressive Project May Power Rankings that were posted today. Dayton and Entenza have a solid lead, and the rest are kind of bunched up. Personally, I agree with the MN Progressive Project rankings. I think Dayton and Entenza are the candidates to beat in the current field, but I think Rybak would move to the top of the list if he entered the race. So I have come up with my own rankings if all potential candidates compete. Not based on my choice, but based on how I think they will do at the caucuses, and ultimately in the endorsement process. I didn’t want to spend a paragraph analyzing each candidate, mainly because I don’t know enough about some of them to do it, but I have included a couple words for what I think are the pros and cons of each candidate:

  1. Rybak – Pro: Response to Bridge Collapse/T-Paw – Con: His socks/slightly goofy
  2. Dayton – Pro: Senator – Con: Closing his senate office
  3. Entenza – Pro: Strong high powered DFL support – Con: United Health Care/ Hatch Spying
  4. Marty – Pro: Healthcare/Environment – Con: Has shown he can’t win already, 1994 lost by 30 points
  5. Thissen – Pro: New blood – Con: Who is Paul Thissen?
  6. Coleman – Pro: Strong campaign staff – Con: The RNC
  7. Gaertner – Pro: Ramsey County Attorney – Con: The RNC
  8. Kelliher – Pro: 2007-2008 House Majority Leader – Con: 2009 House Majority Leader
  9. Bakk – Pro: Seems Tough – Con: Name Recognition Mainly in North
  10. Kelley – Pro: Old School DFL Name Recognition – Con: Is he becomming a perennial candidate?

Since there is interest, take a minute and check out where the candidates are speaking on their websites. We are getting close to the point where candidates start regularly showing up at meetings.

Upcoming Meetings:
2nd Congressional District Central Committee Meeting
Tuesday, June 9, 2009, 6:30 pm
Savage Library Meeting Room
13090 Alabama Ave S, Savage
(next to Savage USPO and City Hall)

Senate District 36 Get Together Potluck
followed by the Central Committee Meeting
Thursday, Jul 16, 2009
Rambling River Center, 413 3rd Street, Farmington.
Potluck starts at 6:00 pm. Anybody interested is welcome.

The DFL Graylist

Sandy Pappas – In June 1999, Sandy Pappas was on Almanac defending Sara Jane Olson (Kathleen Soliah). Olson had been a fugitive on the run from the FBI accused of attempting to kill police officers with pipe bombs a couple decades earlier. Pappas felt that Olson had rehabilitated herself, after all, she was a wonderful actress, mother, and Pappas even mentioned a gourmet cook. Absurd! Olson is a criminal! Blacklist!

Skip Humphrey – I just didn’t trust him. I mentioned I can hold a grudge right? Did I tell you it can be a baseless grudge?

Then there is Mark Dayton. In 1998, Mark Dayton ran for governor. He did not do very well in the DFL primary, against fellow blacklister Skip Humphrey. At the time, Dayton was not on the blacklist. Then in 2000, there seemed to be a lack of recognizable candidates to run against Rod Grams for Senate, so at the last minute, Dayton threw his hat in the ring. Outspending his opponents, he went on to win the primary and the senate election. I felt like he just wanted to be elected, and was a bit of an opportunist. I didn’t like it. He supported great things, but didn’t seem to lead on anything, although he was overshadowed by Paul Wellstone. Then in 2004, he became “crazy.” Fearing a terrorist attack, he closed his capitol office. It wasn’t that he closed his office, but he had such a hard time communicating his reasons in a reasonable way. I think his reasons were legitimate, but his inability to communicate, allowing the whole “crazy” episode to get out of hand convinced me he was not suited to office.

So why am I taking him off the list? There are a couple reasons. The first being a pragmatic reason. Although I like Paul Thissen, the odds on favorites based on name and money are Dayton and Entenza. If it came down to Dayton and Entenza, I would lean toward Dayton fairly heavily. I think John Marty and Steve Kelley have proven they cannot win, so I can’t imagine DFLers giving them another chance. I think Bakk, Thissen and Gaertner just don’t have the statewide recognition to compete with Dayton and Entenza, or Marty and Kelley for that matter. Secondly, I think Mark Dayton really does care. There are plenty of candidates who are candidates for personal reasons, maybe I should say egotistical reasons. I don’t think that is the case with Dayton. I’m sure he does have a certain personality that is required to want this sort of job, but I don’t think he makes decisions or acts on issues for prestige or to get re-elected. He is casual, fishes, wears wrinkly pants sometimes, no tie, he is really down to earth. The more I read from and about the candidates, the more I like him. It does bother me a little that he isn’t a great communicator, but I think I can live with that. I am not saying he can beat Pawlenty, or even Laura Brod, but I didn’t think he could beat Rod Grams either. Of the candidates in so far, he is near the top of my list.

Maybe I should call it a graylist…