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My 3 Political Desires 2020

I am convinced there are three political objectives we must correct by 2020.  Do I believe we can do any of this? No.  But I still want to, who is interested in supporting my PAC?

1) Nationally, end gerrymandering of political districts and require bipartisan or multipartisan state judicial redistricting boards nominated by all stakeholders.  Force those members to base the district on population and convenience of meeting.  By convenience I mean if possible, make it convenient for people to attend meetings more easily.  It isn’t convenient for a person in the 1st district living in Luverne to drive 250 miles one way for a monthly meeting in Rochester.  And it isn’t convenient for either a person in in the 7th district living in Montevideo or a person living in Thief River Falls to drive to Detroit Lakes for a meeting.  Districts should be more square!

2) Eliminate the Electoral College and elect the President by popular vote, the same way we elect every other politician.  The person who gets the most votes is the winner.  In California, a Republican’s presidential vote does not count toward the presidential election, and in Kansas, a Democrat’s vote does not count.  Every vote should count!

3) Stop PACs from running political ads on public airwaves and make politicians appear in every ad via picture or video for their campaign.  If a campaign wants to attack another candidate, make the opposing candidate do it him or herself.  Also, make it illegal for a candidate to use the image of another candidate in their ads.  Let’s make people earn a vote!

In summary, square districts, every vote counts, and earn votes. Now I just need a catchy PAC name.


Minnesota needs to eliminate gerrymandering now to prevent what happened in Wisconsin

A majority of state governments right now are totally controlled by one party.  I think I heard 24 states are controlled by Republican Legislatures and Governors and 16 states are controlled by Democratic Governors and Legislatures, Minnesota is now one of those states.  Our country is so politically divided, that it seems the only way government works is if one party controls everything.

While Minnesota is controlled by DFLers, across the border in Wisconsin, Republicans recaptured total control.  With two states that are so similar, what is the difference? One word, gerrymandering.

In 2010, Republicans controlled everything, and drew new lines to help them win seats.  Minnesota’s lines were drawn by nonpartisan judges.  A couple weeks ago, Wisconsin voted for Barack Obama, even though a native son was on the ballot for the Republicans.  Wisconsin also elected a Democrat to the senate in Tammy Baldwin, over a former popular Republican governor.  Yet, the State House is controlled by Republicans with a 20 vote margin, and the State Senate is controlled, narrowly, but controlled by Republicans.

Gerrymandering has always been a tool to maintain power, and Wisconsin in 2012 is a prime example.  That’s why Minnesota needs to eliminate one party’s ability to gerrymander, and instead establish a fair and nonpartisan board to redraw district lines after the census every ten years.

Establishing a nonpartisan board would eliminate a lot of useless chatter, eliminate a lot of wasted time legislators should be working to make Minnesota better, and ultimately save taxpayers money.  So many Republicans used the phrase” it is just common-sense” to pass voter ID amendment.  That wasn’t common-sense, it was completely political and partisan.  If we change this procedure, neither side benefits from this, and neither side loses from this.  That is exactly what common-sense is.

Let your Minnesota legislators know that you want to take redistricting duties away from a political body and make it a nonpartisan practice.