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Eisenhower and Reagan Quotes Are Still Pertinent Today

I posted the following two posts on Facebook recently:

“President Eisenhower supported trade unions, Social Security, and progressive taxation. Ike said that opponents of trade unions were “fools.” He called opponents of Social Security “stupid.” And he said that the way to balance the budget was to “tax the rich.””


“Where free unions and collective bargaining are forbidden, freedom is lost.” ~Ronald Reagan”

I received a comment that basically implied that a past quote does not make it pertinent in today’s context. I think there is a lot of relevancy in those quotes today.  I think you would have a hard time finding a quote from FDR, Truman, Kennedy, Johnson, Carter or Clinton that so contradicts the current Democratic agenda of national healthcare, the rights of worker, the importance of a strong public education system, the need to eliminate poverty or a fair taxation system.  Those are all major tenets today of Democratic policy, as they have been for decades.  And while the Democratic Party has moved to the right during that time, the Republican Party has moved rapidly and unsustainably far to the right recently.  The quotes from the above Republican standard bearers reflect that that move to the right. 

The Party is becoming so dogmatic that icons of the party would probably be excluded today.  Recent attitudes have seen moderate Republican after moderate Republican drummed out of the party.  Arlen Specter, Lincoln Chafee, Lisa Murkowski, the Override Six… Jim Ramstad, a good Congressman, probably would have had GOP opposition in the last couple elections if he had stayed, and Arne Carlson is a pariah. 

I think there will be a return to moderation at some point.  I think Republicans who are more willing to follow Reagan’s ideals rather than using his name as some sort of conservative badge to prove their worthiness, will begin taking back the party. There are Independents today who are true Republicans, but have left the party officially because of Tom Delay, Karl Rove, Dick Cheney, Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, John Boehner and even celebrities like Glenn Beck.  These people are not mainstream Republicans like Reagan was who appealed to so many independents.  They are not the future of the Party.  They are temporary attention seeking zealots in the mode of Joe McCarthy. 

They place Reagan on a pedestal, but only seem to remember the things that pertain to today’s agenda.  They ignore the deficit growth, tax increases, his hatred of nuclear weapons and his desire to avoid conflict.  One of the stupidest things I heard around the recent election was a series of interviews with Republican candidates who were asked living or dead who they would like to have dinner with.  A few conservatives said a family member or Jesus, but the majority said Ronald Reagan.  It seemed very contrived to me.  These no compromise, no middle ground Republicans don’t belong in Reagan’s company.  Reagan said if 80% of what he wanted passed, it was a success.  80% is a loss in the mind of so many Republicans in power, Walker, the Fitzgerald brothers, Boehner, Pawlenty…  The only correlation between Reagan and some of these extremists is the little “(R)” after their name.  It certainly isn’t intelligence or an understanding of political success.


Cut ties to the past! Barack Obama Can Do That.

Today I heard Tom Daschle say we (Democrats) lost the 1968 election because we couldn’t get our act together. He brought it up while talking about the problems between Hillary, Barack and Bill.

These little spats are annoying and are turning even followers like me off.

Bill Clinton may be developing some sort of paranoid senility. He has accused Barack Obama of a political hit job on him. For the past 7 years, I have looked back and wished we were back in the 90s with President Clinton. Now, I’m not sure I want “Billary” in the White House, and that warm fuzzy feeling is definately gone.

It is time to cut our ties to the past and elect somebody who can lead us into the future. Barack Obama can do that.

Congressman John Kline’s Town Hall Meeting (2007)

CI went to John Kline’s Town Hall Meeting tonight.

I was pretty disappointed in the event. It was well attended by both sides, but I was disappointed in that it was basically cheering/jeering event. Anytime anybody said something positive about Kline, his faction stood up and cheered, and when somebody said something negative his detractors stood and cheered.

The comments from the crowd were for the most part very partisan, oh by the way, everything is still Clinton’s fault. And Kline himself was very partisan whether he was praising the last congress, chiding the current congress, or insulting Democrats for “not being very democratic.”

It was a waste of time. Deep down I suspected it might be, but I hoped there would be an overwhelming opposition to him. There was not.

John Kline is a true Tom Delay Republican. And in the most Republican district in the state, he doesn’t need to worry about being common-sense. He can vote based on his narrow minority opinions with no fear of repercussions or unemployment until at least 2012 probably.

Aliens abducted me. Yeah that’s it.

I think a lot of people are asking themselves what happened to the Republican Party. What happened to controlled spending? What happened to less taxes? What happened to deficit control? What happened to the party of personal responsibility?

Right now Republicans are blaming everybody but themselves. It is Clinton’s fault North Korea is working on a bomb. It is the media’s fault the Mark Foley scandal came out. It is Nancy Pelosi’s fault Mark Foley is a pedophile wait no, it is the gay’s fault. It is everybody’s fault but the people looking in the mirror.

The current Republican world doesn’t even know what personal responsibility is. Right now, the Republican Party is the party of uncontrolled spending. Think of Alaska’s “bridge to nowhere,” the 223 million dollar project to build a bridge nearly as long as the Golden Gate Bridge and higher than the Brooklyn Bridge, to connect the town of Ketchikan (population 8,900) to the city’s airport on Gravina Island (population 50). That’s right, if you do the math, we are spending $24,916 for each person between those two places so they don’t have to take a ferry to the airport.

A lot of people don’t know this, but there were two 200 million dollar-plus bridges for Alaska in the transportation bill. The other connects a small island with a handful of homes to Anchorage. That was a bridge even the city council rejected, but the rest of the country is paying for it thanks to the Republican party.

And here, Mark Kennedy is running on the issue that he wants to make sure the line item veto is established so that the President can take pork like this out. Maybe Mark Kennedy should have voted against the 295 billion dollar bill, rather than crying about not being able to help himself from voting for it.

Quick help him before he spends again, it isn’t his fault. Just like it is not Mark Foley’s fault he solicited pages. He, and the Republican leadership have dragged out every possible excuse. He’s an alcoholic…he’s gay…he was molested…what’s next? Aliens abducted him? Where has the personal responsibility gone?