Why it is important for you to vote in next Tuesday’s primary

Many DFLers have not been paying much attention to the primary this year, thinking this primary is more about Republicans vs. Tea Partiers, with all the fights on the right.  And while a lot of DFLers are aware of Matt Entenza’s crazy conceited challenge of our current and great State Auditor Rebecca Otto, we need to be vigilant because every one of our big ticket candidates in CD2, except Gen. Lori Swanson, has a challenger this year.

Next Tuesday, on August 12, 2014, make sure you make it a priority to get to the polls, tell candidates like Matt Entenza and others, that the DFL is an important organization.  An organization that is responsible for helping to turn Minnesota’s economic woes around.  We are an organization that has made it a priority to invest in education, care for the young, the elderly, and those who are not able to take care of themselves.  And, the DFL is not a place to make a power grab, or a place to feed your ego looking for perceived weaknesses for personal gain.

On Tuesday August 12, I will vote for every endorsed candidate, not simply because they are endorsed, but because they are far and away the best candidates, and they deserve my vote.  I hope you will vote on Tuesday too, and I hope you will encourage somebody else to vote.


2 thoughts on “Why it is important for you to vote in next Tuesday’s primary”

  1. Why wait ?

    One of the major accomplishments in the last legislative session was to allow no-excuse early voting.

    I am an independent voter but there is a school referendum and a whittle-down primary for my county attorney … both good reasons to vote. My mind is already made up, but why should I have to wait until August 12th ?

    My bride had to renew her driver’s license so we stopped in the county courthouse and asked how difficult it was to vote now … they said NO PROBLEM. Gave me the form, in which I could check that I wanted future ballots mailed … so from now on, I will no longer have to dodge snow or rain storms to drive six miles out of my way to go to my precinct.

    I suggest that everyone visit the MN Secretary of State website to learn how easy this is

    Best regards,

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