Republicans think tactics are better than principles… why?

I was about to write a blog post about Republican claims that Minnesotans are already tired of DFL control.  It’s funny, because DFL principles seem to have taken hold, principles like personal freedoms, civil rights, affordable education, strong schools, and a solid infrastructure.  I’m not sure Minnesotans are getting tired of that.  They obviously got tired of an extremist social agenda and mean-spirited debate based on the last election.  But who I am I to say…

While beginning to do a bit of research, I stumbled on this picture featured prominently on the Minnesota GOP website.  I think it is hilarious.  The party of white suburban flight from the cities and redneck hate has this picture on their main page:


Why do Republicans insist on trying to win using tactics instead of principles?  Showing pictures of minorities, and claiming to be the party of Abe Lincoln, freer of slaves, does not counteract decades of bad policy.  Decades of hatred of an entire class of people.  Decades of laws concentrating on those who are already better off at the expense of those who aren’t.

It doesn’t fly.  These are actual pictures from the Republican State convention.  How many old white men are in the picture above? Two, maybe three?  There are more black men in the picture than old white men.  These are the real pictures:

Minnesota Republican Convention 4

2012 Minnesota Convention 1

Minnesota Republican Convention 2

Minnesota Republican Convention 7

Minnesota Republican Convention 3

Minnesota Republican Convention 6

Minnesota Republican Convention 5

I just don’t see a lot of racial diversity.  Do you?  The party of civil rights… what a joke.

There are 152 days until the caucuses.  It may seem like a long way away, but begin looking at the candidates.  We need to make sure we don’t elect anymore people who place a desire to win using anyway they can, over a legitimate desire to care for our state.  Educated people! Healthy people! Clean air! Clean water! Those create financial and environmental sustainability!



One thought on “Republicans think tactics are better than principles… why?”

  1. Philosophically, your argument holds merits however I am more intrigued by the marketing — you know “truth in marketing”.
    To be effective, should the Republican Party acknowledge who the people in the photo are ?
    Oh, maybe they do … do they state somewhere that this photo is “stock” and available through Getty Images ?

    On the philosophy question, what did the Minnesota State Fair survey tell us about the citizens, issues and where the MN-GOP stand ?
    Conducted by the nonpartisan House Public Information Services Office, the annual Minnesota State Fair poll is an informal, unscientific survey of issues discussed in prior legislative sessions and may be topics of discussion in 2014.
    Does the MN-GOP agree with the voters support higher gas taxes for roads, background checks on gun sales, early voting and higher minimum wage ? If so, then they can take credit for “solutions that work”.

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