Republicans are huge government spending hypocrites! We need to vote with compassion.

Did you read this story in the StarTribune about Chip Cravaack’s massive pay raises to his staff after he lost the election?

StarTribune 3/31/13: Lame-duck Cravaack handed out large raises to his staff

This is exactly why I vote for people who demonstrate love and compassion for people first. You cannot trust politicians when they say they will cut taxes or spending, or eliminate waste. But when a politician has demonstrated sincere concern for other humans, and cares how people and families live and survive, you know they will vote to make their lives better, even if they eventually fail on spending promises.

Chip Cravaack was a huge government spending hypocrite! He talked continuously about “what’s best for all Americans.” He attacked Oberstar and Nolan on trust, spending, and government waste. He was a TEA Partier, which should mean he is concerned about how our taxes are spent. And he voted to cut aid and college grants for many people who needed it. I think it is safe to say, he didn’t like “welfare.” But apparently that only applied to people he didn’t know personally. People who pledged an allegiance to him were fine getting welfare. When he lost the 2012 election, he gave his full-time staff and friends a 93% government pay raise for the final two months of their government employment. And worse yet, this government spending hawk, and welfare hater, admits he gave them government welfare. Cravaack said “at the end of the year, I maxed out everybody because I had no idea how long these guys would be out of work.” He gave them extra unemployment. If any of them claimed unemployment Americans paid them twice!

It wasn’t his money to dole out to his lackeys. This is the perfect example of why you shouldn’t trust politicians who care more about taxes than people. This is why I don’t trust politicians like Chip Cravaack, John Kline, Michelle Bachman, Tom Emmer, or Dave Thompson, whose solution to everything seems to be lower taxes and less government. I want politicians whose solution is to improve lives for the next several generations, not to give me an extra $50 at the end of the year. I believe these are self-righteous politicians who want control and prestige more than they really care about their ideals. If these politicians were Doctors rather than lawyers, they would have a God Complex, and a few that I’ve met might have that anyway. In the end, I think they will do what benefits themselves and their friends not what benefits the rest of us, despite what they say.

That’s why it is so unimaginable for me to vote for Republicans these days. I think at one time, there were Republicans who cared about the future and families, and still had plans for less spending. Now it seems caring about people is a bad thing in the Republican Party, and the world and those less fortunate are jokes to them. I can’t see myself voting for anybody other than a liberal in the near future. It is about compassion first, even if fiscal responsibility is second. That’s not happening on the right side of the aisle.


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  1. Glad to see that the Pioneer Press got a comment on Cravaack’s salary spending — the MN Political Roundtable reported the promotions and staff increases on March 8th.

    Now, the question that somebody needs to ask Mr. “Cut Wasteful Spending” Cravaack, WHY did you use TAXPAYER dollars for TV EYES ?
    TV EYES is a service that many Members use … one of the first to sign-up was Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann and it is now used by too many Democrats and Republicans … minimium cost to the taxpayer is over $100,000.
    What TV EYES does is monitor televison programming and other media sources to report what people are saying about YOU.
    I am sorry but I thought Members were elected to be concerned about US … not what somebody is saying about them.
    Did you see the tweet from John Kline complaining about $4 million dollars that the IRS spends to opeate a television studio ?
    Funny thing is that he does not mention the House Recording Studio which costs the taxpayers over a million dollars.
    Your Congressman, John Kline, also does not mention that he spent a whopping $101,993.39. on Franked Mail … the MN Political Roundtable listed Minnesota delegation spending at :
    $101,993.39 – John Kline (R-MN-02)
    $ 89,982.47 – Erik Paulsen (R-MN-03)
    $ 52,977.34 – Michele Bachmann (R-MN-06)
    $ 48,869.94 – Raymond Cravaack (R-MN-08)
    $ 40,108.46 – Tim Walz (D-MN-01)
    $ 4,086.36 – Betty McCollum (D-MN-05)
    $ 2,598.19 – Collin Peterson (D-MN-07)
    $ 1,755.92 – Keith Ellison (D-MN-04)

    It is not unreasonable to that Members of the House waste over $25 Million in taxpayer dollars on mass mailings.

  2. To clarify Cravaack’s subscription for TV EYES, he did that for the perior October to December 2012 … how much was the House in session then ? how much was anyone talking about policy versus mentioning Cravaack’s re-election efforts … the time suggests that this was not to monitor to make sure nobody misquoted his commenting on any legislative matter but instead to alert him to what was being said about his re-election.

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