Paul Thissen, Dave Thomspon, and Pat Garofalo, and the use of the word “idiot” by their “friends.”

DT idiot pictureAfter reading Dave Thompson’s most recent Facebook post earlier today, a “Comment on Gun Control Hearing,” I noticed something I thought was interesting, the use of the word “idiot” towards people they disagree with by commenters on his post. I’ve noticed it before, I’m sure I have done it before. After all, politics is a dirty business, passions flair, and insults are rampant. But I decided to look on couple other Facebook page for comparison. While I didn’t find the word “idiot” right away, I did find “stupid” right away on Pat Garofalo’s page, and I’m not talking about his picture. Bazinga! In all reality, I like to insult Pat because he insults so many people. The funny thing is that my son and his daughter are friends. They are only in 8th grade, but how funny would be if in high school they started dating…

It wouldn’t bother me, and I am guessing he is laid back enough to not be bothered either, but I digress. Now Dave Thompson has 1,831 followers on Facebook and Pat Garofalo has 414 followers, although that is his campaign page since I am not “friends” with him like I am with Dave, but I did send him a friend request…

So you would think if I looked at another politician with 4,362 “friends” – almost twice as many as my two legislators combined, I should be able to find a couple of insulting words about the opposition right away, right? I looked at Paul Thissen’s Facebook page. I think that is a pretty fair comparison, I think Dave Thompson will be, or at least should be, the leader of Republicans in the legislature, and Paul Thissen is obviously the top DFLer in the legislature. Pat Garofalo is an idio… I mean, Pat Garofalo is not a leader.

I went back as far as I could go, counting over 80 individual comments before I stopped counting comments. No “friend” of Paul Thissen insulted Republicans in the least. Interesting, huh? Posts were positive, the word compromise appeared several times, and yet, in Dave Thompson’s most recent Facebook post, two of his 1,831 “friends” call people they don’t agree with “idiots.” Maybe the legislature could get more done if there wasn’t as much discounting of the free opinions of people they have differing opinions with.


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