There is no good argument against new gun laws

Norway and Sweden have high gun ownership rates, but low gun murder rates.  Hunting is a big deal in those countries and people have guns for hunting.  They are also world leaders in target shooting as a sport.  BiathalonBut they don’t have automatic weapons, they have restrictions on handguns, limits to ammunition storage and purchasing, special rules for gun collectors, required gun safes, and applications to buy guns.  We can own guns, and we can be safe, but the NRA and gun fanatics and their hateful rhetoric are completely responsible for the inability in our country to develop and implement smart and safe gun rules.  The Brady Campaign was so important, and we have just forgotten about it because President Bush decided to ignore it instead of extending it to appease his and other Republican’s NRA cronies.  No specific gun crime can be traced back to the NRA or right-wing hate, but the rising number of occurrences, is directly related to politicians afraid of what the NRA can do.

It’s time to change things.


One thought on “There is no good argument against new gun laws”

  1. I encourage the Minnesota House hold a hearing, and vote on the legislation that my elected official plans to introduce. State Representative Tony Cornish’s Armed Defense of Classrooms legislation would allow for teachers with Conceal and Carry Permits to “defend” themselves (and supposedly the students.)
    This is important legislation that our legislators need to express their views on.

    Tony Cornish was re-elected by a wide margin 16,278 to 634 and thus the voters have entrusted him to “represent” “us” … after all in the past, Mr. Cornish has been endorsed by :
    Education Minnesota Political Action Committee
    National Rifle Association (A+ Rating)
    Minnesota Police and Peace Officers Association
    Police Officers Federation of Minneapolis
    Peace Officers Alliance of Minnesota
    Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life Political Action Committee
    Minnesotans for Personal Choice and Competition in Healthcare
    Minnesota Farm Bureau Political Action Committee
    United Transportation Union/Minnesota
    Minnesota Chiropractic Political Action Committee
    National Federation of Independent Business NFIB

    So if someone has “earned” the endorsement of teachers, NRA, police, MCCL and business groups, his “ideas” need to be fully debated.

    If the solution is Guns in Schools, let all the legislators tell us their opinions … and record a vote on the legislation.
    Previously, Mr. Cornish was Chairman of the Public Safety and Crime Prevention Policy and Finance but now with the Republicans losing the House is in the minority. The Minority Party’s views need a fair hearing … Members should co-sponsor, if they agree with it, and then the vote will have a meaning. Mr. Cornish has expressed a concern that it will be difficult to enact gun-related legislation with Mark Dayton as Governor.

    Thus, Guns in Schools should be a major campaign issue in 2014. The Governor and House Members are up for election … … the public as well as endorsing groups should consider how Members voted on Mr. Cornish’s legislation … because if he, and his followers, are elected, they will make that Minnesota law.
    The same is true for Right to Work (for example, HF 65 only had Steve Drazkowski, Duane Quam, Peggy Scott, and Glenn Gruenhagen as co-sponsors and it failed to get a final voting providing some members cover for their beliefs), any vaginal-probe testing legislation, etc.

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