Hello Jason Lewis?? Dirty Tactics?? Your blaming the wrong side.

How absurd is Jason Lewis?  He wrote an opinion piece for the StarTribune this weekend titled “Voter ID foes fought dirty to get a win.”  A more apropos title might be Voter ID defeated despite dirty political tactics of conservatives to get it on the ballot.

Jason Lewis is a whiner, and I am already sick of conservatives who two years ago told Democrats to stop crying about elections — that the voters will was done.  But this year, are blaming the amendments (placed on the ballot by Republicans,) blaming independents, blaming the Independence Party, blaming Kurt Bills and Mitt Romney. In the words of Ann Romney, stop it!

And this argument of dirty tactics? RUBBISH! You know what dirty tactics are? Placing an amendment on the ballot to drive voters to the polls because you know you can’t win without it.  Another dirty tactic, changing laws to make it harder to vote, not easier.  That is dirty.  How about what one Farmington Republican told me: at least if the marriage amendment is on the ballot, liberals will spend all their money to defend gays and a Voter ID bill will pass easily, which only helps Republicans in the future. Has Brodkorb enlightened us on that tactic yet?  Was that rationalization his own, or did he get that idea from his state Senator, Dave Thomspon, who helped craft the ballot language on one and authored the other?  How slimy.

Two years ago all we heard was that elections have consequences.  Well elections have consequences still.  Do you know what else has consequences?  How you govern, how fairly you treat people, how you solve problems (can you say Republican government shutdown,) and how little you get done in the legislature.  2010 was a lucky break for Republicans because of Obamacare and the economy. 2012 was a realization that dirty politics, divisiveness, and gridlock come from one party far more than the other.


2 thoughts on “Hello Jason Lewis?? Dirty Tactics?? Your blaming the wrong side.”

  1. Yes, citizens were motivated in Minnesota to participate in this election unlike they were in 2010 (after all, 47 percent of the people who will vote for the president no matter what) ….
    Yes, some citizens may have registered and voted specifically because of Amendments …

    Yet, isn’t it ironic that Jason Lewis would take to the editorial pages to offer his thoughts …. it makes you wonder if he read any of the 58 newspaper editorial boards that recommended that the citizens vote NO on the Voter ID question. I do not know of any newspaper that recommended that it be approved ….
    WHY did so many editorial boards recommended that Voter ID be rejected … the simple reason is : How you govern, how fairly you treat people, how you solve problems, and how little you get done in the legislature … that’s the Voter ID !

  2. BTW … if driving people to the polls was the intent of Constitutional Amendments, then it worked in Northfield … did you know that more people voted on the MN Constitutional questions than in the Presidential contest … and more people voted in the Voter ID question than the Marriage question.

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