Voting is a right, not a privilege

Today I voted for president for the 7th time in my life.  When I was 18 year and 13 days old, I voted in my first general election, and have not missed one since, 13 general elections and counting.  In fact, I have only missed one primary in my life.  Obviously I take voting very seriously.

I also believe voting is both a right and an obligation.  People died to have free elections.  Americans have been killed ensuring all Americans have the right to vote.  And soldiers have died defending freedom.  It is a responsibility to honor those who gave us the rights we have today, and it is an obligation to ensure everybody who can vote does.  That’s why I voted “No” on the Voter ID amendment.  I am all for some sort of verification, but it needs to be something simple to enact and something that actually makes it easier to vote.  There is no excuse to building barriers to voting.

One of the most hypocritical political ads I saw was an ad supporting the Photo ID Amendment, with supporters talking about “defending your right” to vote. It is hypocritical because Republican have argued endlessly that voting is a privilege not a right. So what is it?