My Birthday Wish : Donations for Prevent Child Abuse Minnesota

My birthday is October 26. Since I don’t need any presents for my birthday (unless you want to give me a Caribou card – I can always use that) I am attempting to raise some money for a charity in lieu of gifts for me.

Last year, my friends and family helped me raise $668 for Dakota Woodlands, a family shelter in Eagan.  This year, I would like to raise money for Prevent Child Abuse Minnesota.  Some of you know that I got upset this week about how a boy in my neighborhood was treated when he missed the bus this week.  While the punishment itself wasn’t terrible, it is the continuous poor parenting choices by this family that bothers me.  This one instance kind of pushed me over the top.  When we think about child abuse, so often we think of physical or sexual abuse, but it is important for us to remember that neglect and emotional abuse are devastating too.

Online fundraising for Steve's Birthday Fundraiser for PCAMN

I hope you will consider making a $10 donation to Prevent Child Abuse Minnesota via, and help me celebrate my birthday.  Donations are tax deductible.

Thank you,

Link to Donate