Hosting a house party for a candidate

What’s better than getting together with a few people you know, along with a few more people you just met, and talking about interesting subjects, learning about new topics and ideas, and doing it all with a little good food?

Last night we had a group of people over to our house to host a small fundraiser for Mike Obermueller.  Along with Mike and a member of his staff and a volunteer, there were 4 other candidates who came, three current legislative candidates and one local candidate, one former state legislative candidate, and one other former state Representative besides Mike.  It was fun.

The donation basket was full, and I hope Mike is able to make a decent bank deposit.  As great as it was to add cash to his campaign, the conversations were what was really great.  I appreciate everybody who came, and enjoyed learning new things.

Most candidates for any office would be happy to attend a little house party like ours.  I encourage you to call up a candidate you like, and volunteer to host a party.  The topics, ideas, and quality of discussion among a small group of politically involved and committed people is great, I learned a lot.

If you want to host a house party for Mike Obermueller, contact his campaign or contact me and I will give you some contact info.  But as much as we need to support Mike, our local candidates need house parties like this too, find your local candidate and ask if you can host one.