I am a DFLer to build a stronger state and stronger families

At the DFL convention in Rochester on Sunday, the DFL officially voted to reject the Republicans’ Marriage Amendment that would formally place a form of discrimination against law abiding citizens into our State Constitution.

It is now an official stance for sample ballots and for DFL elected officials. For many of us, it was our official stance anyway, and this was simply an organization formality.  What makes me a DFLer doesn’t have anything to do with big government and raising taxes, as my Republican friends and family think.  Being a DFLer is about caring about people and our community, and the success of both.  I am a DFLer to build a stronger state and stronger families.

Today, I received a link to a “vote no” video that I really liked.  It isn’t an attack video filled with rhetoric, and it isn’t filled with scary music or huge red text of propaganda being stamped on the screen.  It is a simple and thoughtful family, discussing how the amendment really affects families.

I hope you will spend the three minutes to watch it.


One thought on “I am a DFLer to build a stronger state and stronger families”

  1. There is no doubt a shifting of the people … but the electorate is another matter … and is all elections the toughest opponent is apathy … so while people may be willing to accept a change, the concern is how do you motivate people to the voting booth ?

    The other day on WCCO, the host was talking in favor of rejecting the ban which prompted calls … all in agreement, and one caller asked the key question … if this fails, will there be a movement to legalize same-sex marriage.

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