Minnesota State Representative Pat Garofalo Will Continue to Break the Law #mnleg

Pat Garofalo doesn’t believe in a checks and balances system, at least not when a DFLer is the governor.  He doesn’t care if the Governor vetoed the fireworks bill, he is going to throw himself on the floor, whine, kick his feet, pound his fists, hold his breath, and he isn’t going to follow the state’s stupid laws.

Pat Garofalo has a hand in making laws, but he so little respect for laws he doesn’t agree with that he openly breaks those laws.  On Twitter, he told the governor he planned to break the law and use illegal fireworks anyway.  What a leader, right?  Thinking it’s acceptable to break the law is nothing new for Garofalo.  You may recall in May of 2009, Garofalo was incensed that Minnesota law enforcement officials were going to begin enforcing the law that restricted people in Minnesota from gambling online.  My speculation was that Pat regularly and illegally gambled online, and didn’t want to lose that privilege or lose the money he had in his illegal accounts.

He never came out and said he was breaking the law then, but yesterday, Pat Garofalo told Governor Dayton, law abiding Minnesotans, Minnesota doctors, fire fighters and police officer, and the Minnesota Constitution to go to hell when Governor Dayton vetoed the bill to legalize large fireworks in Minnesota.

Isn’t it great that a LAWMAKER refuses to follow the LAW?  You can bet that his opponent this fall, Jim Arlt, a law enforcement officer for over 30 years, respects the laws of the state, the governor, and the people who follow the law.  To make a donation to Jim Arlt in his bid to defeat Pat Garofalo, please visit his website.


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  1. What is the difference when your local law enforcement can drink and drive with kids in the car intoxicated twice the legal limit get suspended with pay and no other charges. When crap like that stops maybe the rest of us will stop breaking the law to.

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