The President and First Lady smell good. How long before that is a bad thing?

You must have seen this picture of President Obama and a surprised college bar patron in Colorado.  For some reason it has gone viral.  But what I found most interesting about the story wasn’t the cool picture this woman has, or the fact that a sitting president just popped into a college bar.  What I found most interesting was that her comment to the president was “you smell good.”

This winter, one of my son’s friends from hockey got to meet Michelle Obama.  His parents are in the Air Force and were part of a group that got to meet with Michelle Obama when she came to town.  His comment about meeting her is that she smelled really good, “like cinnamon.”

I’m surprised that Republicans have not started using the fact that the president and the first lady small good against them.  Republicans can make a person who wants a cleaner earth a bad thing.  They can make wanting cleaner food a bad thing.  I’m wondering how long it will be before they make a cleaner person a bad thing.