Follow CD2 DFL Candidates @Obermueller2012 and @Ganey4Congress. Kathleen Gaylord is not on Twitter yet.

Two of the three candidates asking for the DFL endorsement in the Second Congressional District are on Twitter.  Both have been on Twitter for less than a week, and both have less than 30 followers as I write this post.  I want to push more people to follow Mike Obermueller, Patrick Ganey and eventually Kathleen Gaylord.  I feel that Twitter is going to be a huge factor in 2012.

John Kline is on Twitter, and somebody regularly posts on his Twitter account.  I had to stop following him, or his aide, whoever it is, on Twitter because his posts were nothing more than political propaganda.  There was no real person or honesty, and he has just over 3000 propaganda readers.  Granted, many of his readers are right-wingers who need validation, and support him unconditionally, but I want the DFL candidates to have the same 3000 reader reach.

With just over 300 Twitter followers, I don’t have enough followers to make a real concerted Twitter push without retweets from major Twitter users.  However, I can circumvent the system a little because my posts are autotweeted by MN Progressive Project and Holly Cairns, who together have many more followers than I do.  My hope is to get that follower number quickly into the hundreds so that as we approach the April 28th endorsement, the feeds are all atwitter…

Follow Mike Obermueller on Twitter at @Obermueller2012
Follow Patrick Ganey on Twitter at @Ganey4Congress
Follow Kathleen Gaylord on Twitter at (Hopefully Coming Soon)
Follow me on Twitter at @Quist_Galaxie


4 thoughts on “Follow CD2 DFL Candidates @Obermueller2012 and @Ganey4Congress. Kathleen Gaylord is not on Twitter yet.”

  1. Hi Steve,
    Great idea … I am not on twitter … heck, living in a broadband dead zone, many websites are too slow in loading, such that video clips and other social media functions are just not feasible.
    I see that Patrick Ganey has retweeted the MNPact interview but I see that Mike Obermueller has not … (in fact, Mike has not issued any tweets) … does the CD-2 and the various Districts have their own tweet accounts, such that they should be retweeting virtually every press release about the candidates ?


  2. Just checked and I do not see a twitter account yet for Kathleen Gaylord, but she does have an ActBlue donation slot ( … and speaking of tweeting, I hope everyone reads Dave Minderman’s interviews :
    Kathleen Gaylord
    Patrick Ganey
    Mike Obermuller
    Endorsing convention is April 28th, if people want to push the delegates, they do not have much time.


  3. Hope you and your readers got to read the Strib story suggesting that Kline is trying to scare off quality challengers :
    Carleton College political scientist Steve Schier said “This is a very important race for Kline, in which he hopes as much as anything to scare off quality challengers in the future. There are new boundaries and new hope for the DFL and it makes sense for him to devote a lot of time and resources to lock it down.

    “Whoever gets the DFL endorsement has to really catch fire and raise a lot of money and do it quickly. Congress’ low popularity could open the door for surprises. And there could be a big Democratic wave, though I don’t see one yet. If either transpires … he could have a battle on his hands.”

    Other Key comment – For years Democratic challengers have depicted Kline as a figure whose affable exterior conceals a Michele Bachmann-like voting record. Indeed, a rating service that the Kline camp accepts as authoritative, that of the National Journal, actually rates his 2011 votes as just a smidgen to the right of hers.

    IMO, comparing Kline to Bachmann is a mistake … promote the issues, such as Kline’s promotion of tax cuts for businesses while rejecting a worker’s payroll tax cut and now looking to raise student loan interest rates; his support for more spending for defense contractors; his pushing of legislation regarding workers rights while holding up legislation enforcing payment of safety fines; etc. Voters are smart enough to realize the philosophical connection between Kline and Bachmann without being told.

    BTW … do you know, who had the highest spending of the Congressional Office budget ?
    In hard dollars and as a percent of authorized spending, John Kline spent the most … that’s right the guy whose mantra is to decry “budget gimmicks” which feature “not spending what was never going to be spent” while reminding everyone that “Minnesotans Want the Spending Spree to Stop”.
    Topping last year list was :
    $1,319,468.42 – John Kline (R-MN-02) spending 91.6% of his budget
    At the bottom of the list was :
    $1,198.273.03 – Betty McCollum (D-MN-04) spending 84.0% of her budget
    Did you read Dave’s interview of Kathleen Gaylord and her discussion of spending and her admiring Betty McCollum ?

  4. Hi Steve,
    Over at MNPact is Dave’s review of the CD2 forum, but The Northfield Patch has a story including links to the videos. The story has some links to national stories about the race … yep, we’re getting pumped up !


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