Sen. Dave Thompson’s commitment to extremist special interests

Did you read the comments on my last post titled “Sen. Dave Thompson’s dog-whistle, McCarthy style fear mongering about Sharia Law”?  The post prompted a very interesting comment by Mac Hall from Minnesota Central.

Mac asked how many questions I received during my campaign about Sharia Law.  Dave Thompson recently announced he would introduce an anti-Sharia Law bill.  That was until he realized, or maybe I should say other people realized for him, that it was unconstitutional, anti-religion and discriminatory against a group of Minnesota citizens.

I’m not sure how much of a concern it was from the people Dave Thompson talked to, but I received zero questions or comments about Sharia law.  I also don’t recall a lot gun questions or comments of any kind, although one of the other DFL candidates in the district was threatened with being shot, so maybe Dave Thompson was talking to that Lakeville resident.

I certainly didn’t hear anything about stealing money from our kid’s future by borrowing money from our schools with no plan or even willingness to repay the borrowed money.

No, these all seem to be coming from someplace else.  Honestly, I don’t know much about ALEC, and have not paid a lot of attention to all of the ALEC complaints, but maybe there is something to it.  I say that, because I talked to a lot of people who were concerned about jobs, the ineffectual legislature and its extreme partisanship, and either their threatened foreclosure or their neighbor’s foreclosure.

It’s funny because when the Pioneer Press endorsed Dave Thompson, they thought he would be a more effective legislator for his district.  Well they were right about him being a more effective legislator, but he is a better legislator for extremist special interests, not his district.

It is too bad that the Senate District DFL met for their endorsing convention yesterday and didn’t endorse a candidate to take on Dave Thompson in 2012.  If there is a Lakeville or Farmington resident willing to take on Dave Thompson this fall, I will do everything I can to help, just contact me.


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  1. Steve,
    Thanks for addressing my comment.

    The questions were all related to issues that a Minnesota legislator has proposed as an Amendment to the Minnesota Constitution ( albeit, the cutting of school funding was actually a proposal that would limit delayed payments to school districts to no more than 10 percent but I changed the emphasis.)
    Considering the emphasis that these proposals are getting, the Amendment proposal by Representative Chris Szwedinski to prevent the Legislature from meeting in even-numbered years, might make some sense as they would have little time to waste.

    It’s the hallmark of a good election system that candidates engage with the voters … giving them an opportunity to express their wishes for Good Government. Obviously, walking in a parade gives the candidate “face time” exposure, but that really does not provide the interchange that can best occur during “door knocking” event. No doubt, Dave Thompson participated in some public events but how many of these were ones where he was “preaching to the choir” ?

    Thompson’s Sharia law proposal really exposes him as to what his concerns are … who he listens to … what he envisions as “Good Government” … and who he represents. Thompson is a well-educated man, yet instead of questioning this proposal, he became a point man. Yes, some states have approved this type of legislation and dozens more have had similar proposals, thus the question would be : Is this something that Minnesota needs, does it have overwhelming support, and will it be enacted … otherwise it is strictly a waste of taxpayer time.

    Instead of hearing from Senator Thompson about why Minnesota needs anti-Sharia legislation, I would rather hear what he learned when he visited schoolchildren at the Lakeville Elementary School about their concerns about where their future place of learning would be … or what he heard from the school boards that encouraged him to support HR 1870 – Authorizes School Districts to Dismiss Teachers Based on Performance … and what he heard from city councils and county administrators during his meetings about Local Government Aid funding. These are the citizens on the frontlines … these are the people affected by Senator Thompson’s votes … is he hearing from everyone or just taking orders from ALEC ?

    Mac Hall

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