Sen. Dave Thompson’s dog-whistle, McCarthy style fear mongering about Sharia Law

Senate District 58 Republican Senator Dave Thompson is introducing an Anti-Muslim Sharia Law bill, at the Capitol on Monday.  Why exactly does he need to do that?  Are we really afraid of other Americans because they sometimes dress differently, or sometimes have a different color of skin?  It is 2012 not 1912 right?

I have to say that based on those few interactions I had with Dave Thompson in 2010 as his senate opponent, I thought he seemed fairly logical and pragmatic, and that he simply had a much for politically conservative view of the world than I did.  But, I was obviously wrong about him being a logical and pragmatic.  I think Dave Thompson might be one of those bigoted crazies who is scared of Muslims? It kind of blows his whole “he’s being logical” argument out of the water about Voter because he obviously isn’t logical.

Of course maybe this is just a ploy for something bigger.  If Dave Thompson is doing this dog whistle “Southern Strategy” anti-Muslim stuff, maybe he is running for president, and we just don’t know it.  You know, kind of like Dan Severson running for US Senate…   I read recently that full Sharia Law is really only in effect in Saudi Arabia and parts of Nigeria.  Most Muslim countries follow its principles with regards to banking, contracts, marriage and inheritance.  So, with a Sharia system of justice taking hold in only one and a half Muslim countries, why are Dave Thompson and all his extremist fear-mongering Republican buddies worried that it will ever take hold in Minnesota or in America?

Oh wait!!!  I see it now.  I said marriage in that last paragraph.  That’s it.  If people of the Muslim faith can use Sharia Law regarding marriage, what’s next?  Then gays can use their own “gay laws” to enforce rules!  Now the pieces of the puzzle are falling in to place.  This is all about Rick Santorum and his man-on-dog marriage fear.  Got it, make sense — oh wait, no it doesn’t.

Maybe the Senator from Lakeville needs to worry more about the promotion of business in Minnesota and families in Lakeville and Farmington who are still having their houses foreclosed on, instead of some dog-whistle, McCarthyist style fear mongering that appeals to the only those who have their thinking done for them by a Republican Party that has realized the only way they can actually keep winning it through fear and deception.


5 thoughts on “Sen. Dave Thompson’s dog-whistle, McCarthy style fear mongering about Sharia Law”

  1. I just read that Thompson dropped the bill. He really had no choice, because the bill was so clearly based on hate and racism.

  2. I have been looking for local news coverage of Thompson’s bill and his withdrawal of the bill. There is next to nothing. WCCO did cover it. Nothing in the Pioneer Press or Star Tribune. Oddly, the Sacramento Bee included it in its PR Newswire section, as did CNBC. I don’t understand why this hate bill was not ocovered by the two major dailies in the Twin Cities. I wonder if the Lakeville weekly covered it.

  3. Steve,
    With first session complete and almost at the mid-point of the second session, would you reflect on what citizens questioned you about during your campaign ?
    How many questions did you get on Sharia Law ?
    How many questions did you get if Minnesota should accepted Conceal-and-Carry permits from other states ?
    How many questions did you get regarding why Minnesota Constitution does not specifically “affirming the right to acquire, keep, possess, transport, carry, transfer and use arms for defense of life and liberty” ?
    How many questions did you get suggesting limiting delayed payments to school districts to at least 10 percent to resolve fiscal budget problems ?
    How many questions did you get suggesting a Minnesota Constitutional amendment to require a Supermajority to raise taxes ?

    If they did not ask you about these questions, they must have asked Mr. Thompson … cause it sure seems that he “heard” those questions somewhere … or maybe he’s just hearing “voices in his head”.

    Mac Hall

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