Imperial Presidency or Fanatical Congressman Kline?

John Kline (and I am guessing many other Republicans) called the latest recess appointment by President Obama an example of Obama’s “imperial presidency.” 

This is just another example of Cong. Kline fanning the flames of partisanship!  The GOP has held up hundreds (HUNDREDS!) of appointments, and Obama makes a couple of appointments, and I will add, far fewer recess appointments than any recent president, and he is all of the sudden some sort of reprobate.  That is an example of exactly what is wrong in Washington.  It isn’t a President or a Congressman alone, the problem is the utter lack of respect that politicians have for each other, the name calling, and the over the top party fanaticism!!!

And I am sorry to break all of the Republican’s hearts, but Obama is not a party fanatic.  Oh, and the Government isn’t bad.  The government is US.  You and me, and everybody else in America — we are the government!  It is not the all inclusive monstrous government, the problem lies in people like John Kline and people on both sides who act and talk like him. 

And to make it worse, he is upset at the appointment of a person to lead the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.  A bureau that is supposed to protect the 99% of us from all the stupid stuff that John Kline supports and that led us to this horrible economy that President Obama is slowly bringing us out of.  Can there be any stronger example of what percent of people in this county John Kline supports?

The truth is that John Kline and other Republicans are trying to skirt the Constitution and change agencies like the CFPB or the NLRB that they either don’t have the votes or the power to “reform” the way they would like to, or they don’t have the gumption to attempt to change them in an honest upfront way.  Our President is simply appointing people so that these agencies can operate as our nation’s laws dictate.  Isn’t that exactly what so many Republicans want, for the law to simply be followed (obviously with an exclusion for corporations.)



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  1. Did you see that Mr. Kline has been sending out press releases self-congratulating himself for participating in every roll call vote during the first half of the 112th Congress …. I don’t know how you react when your child comes home with his report card and points to you to recognize Perfect Attendance, but my reaction is we expect Prefect Attendance, but what did you accomplish ?

    Thus in that regard, Mr. Kline is a failure if you presume that the main assignment for the Education and Workforce Committee was to reform No Child Left Behind … after telling constituents and reporters that it would be done before summer break … and then before Thanksgiving break and now, Chairman Kline plans to offer a Republican-only legislation next year. (Heck, it’s pretty easy to get a perfect attendance when you have so many vacation days and fail to accomplish no improvements.

    To paraphrase … The truth is that Chairman Kline and other Republicans are trying to skirt the intent of the Congressional process to engage the other Members and since they either don’t have the votes in a bi-partisan manner, they exercise the power to “reform” the way they would like to.

    So why hasn’t Chairman Kline gotten NCLB completed … well he has other masters.
    For example, did you read Michael Barone’s December 19th column about the Democrat Governor of North Carolina giving a speech to a Rotary group and mentioning the improving employment data (information that was embargoed until the next day … what the Governor said or if anyone in the room did not already have a feeling on what was going to happen was the next day, was immaterial) … what was important was that “somebody” leaked. Barone last paragraph : “There’s nothing in the Carolina Journal report to suggest that something like this is happening in other states. But it is something the U.S. House Education and the Workforce Committee should look into.” Guess what … two day later, Chairman Kline is sending letters to the Secretary of Labor requesting documents to investigate the leak (as well as a letter to the Governor of North Carolina.) Here’s the point … IF this was a crime (and it could be a violation of Confidential Information Protection and Statistical Efficiency Act of 2002), then why is this not being investigated by the Department of Justice … why by the Chairman of the Education and Workforce Committee ? Oh, could that be because they don’t trust a Democrat Attorney General to investigate a Democrat Governor but they do trust a Republican Committee Chairman to investigate Democrats ?
    Secondly, is that a good use of taxpayer dollars that Chairman Kline has requested ? First the DOL and State of North Carolina will have to pull the documents then Chairman Kline’s Committees lawyers will review them. Remember that federal employees are facing hiring freezes and the Senate has not been confirming slots (yeah, that’s part of the problem) … thus there is a manpower problem … yet Chairman Kline wants to expend time and monies investigating BLS and DOL.

    Was it right for someone in the Bureau of Labor Statistics to tell the Governor’s Office early … no, but does this look more like a partisan witchhunt — yes.

    Regarding the recess appointments, I did not like it when Bush did it … most notably with John Bolton as UN Ambassador after he did not get a favorable blessing from the Senate’s Foreign Relations Committee … so I don’t like the practice. I would fault President Obama for not using the bully pulpit and speaking out on this every month with how many appointees are being held up and for how long concluding with the statement that if the Senate does not act, he will appoint … so they better stay in Washington holding votes or he will recess appoint.

    IMO, President Obama looks bad but Mr. Kline acted like a spoiled child.

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