Congressman Kline gets angry for all the wrong reasons

I thought this MPR headline was kind of interesting when I read it:

“Kline and Cravaack angry over dropped wolf provision”

The headline refers to a policy rider that was attached to a spending bill that would limit judicial review of US Fish and Wildlife decisions.  By the way, the gray wolf, or timber wolf, is still slated to be taken off the endangered species list in the next few weeks regardless of this rider to a spending bill.

I’m annoyed by two things here.  First, the real purpose of this policy is to make it more difficult for environmental groups to challenge decisions made by the US Fish and Wildlife Agency.  It’s funny that Kline and Cravaack want less government control, but here want the government to have all the control.  As I said, the gray wolf is still scheduled to come off the endangered species list by the end of the year, maybe they shouldn’t be upset, and tie their anger to wolves, maybe they should admit that they are upset that private citizens who value the environment and God’s creatures still have a say in what our government does.   By the way, I will also add that I read an article recently that reported that less than 1% of Wisconsin farms in gray wolf territory have had a wolf attack livestock.  I’m not saying’, I’m just sayin’.

The second thing I am annoyed by is that my congressman, John Kline, and the 8th district’s representative, Chip Cravaack, are angered by this.  I did a Google search of other things John Kline might be “angered” by, and nothing came up.  He is not angry about poverty levels rising in the US, or the terrible job market, or even the uber-partisanship that has developed in Congress.  I also looked at what he might be “disturbed” by, just to cover my bases.  He wasn’t disturbed by the fact that the Iraq war was not paid for, nor was it included in budget shortfalls.  He wasn’t disturbed that medical insurance rates are rising faster than even college tuitions, or that millions of people have lost billions of dollars thanks to greedy and unscrupulous bankers and investors.

You might think he just doesn’t get upset unless it means protecting farmers from the big bad wolf, but that isn’t true.  Recently, Congressman Kline was upset when for-profit colleges were being asked to prove that they were actually teaching students, not just taking their money.  He is disturbed that we are subsidizing wind energy, the problem is I’m not sure he is quite as disturbed about subsidizing the oil industry, or the corporate farm industry.  And he is upset that it is important to a majority us that we provide affordable healthcare for every American.  Most of all, I think Kline is upset that the president is Obama, and not an extremist TEA Party Republican who would return the country to a time like the Guilded Age when the rich were rich and the poor were really poor. When giant mansions held giant weekend long parties, and tenements in dirty cities held giant masses of sick and beaten down people.

I wish they could get angry at things most of his constituents might get angered by, not topics that only the most extreme and partisan Republicans who support him get angered at.  Way to go Congressman Kline, keep fighting for everything but the people.


One thought on “Congressman Kline gets angry for all the wrong reasons”


    Heck, the last time I heard John Kline being angry was when he went to the Chamber’s floor to call the Democrats on the carpet for failing to pass a budget on time — calling it a dereliction of duty.
    But that was last session when the Dems were in charge of the House … but everything was supposed to change under the Republican control and the Pillars of a New Majority …
    The Pillars were based on heavy involvement by the committees so that bipartisan legislation would be produced, time would be provided so that people could read the legislation and get feedback from their constituents, bills would be concise (no more Christmas Tree mega-bills) … the end result would be that there would not be the need to ever hit the Reset Button.
    Well, Chairman Kline did not get his budget done on time… the year started without it as stopgap funding had to be used.
    Now, let’s look at what has angered Mr. Kline now … a policy rider did not get buried into a must-pass Christmas Tree mega-bill … but isn’t the real issue that H.R. 838, the Western Great Lakes Wolf Management Act of 2011 did not have a hearing ??? HR 838 was introduced by John Kline and co-sponsored by Mr. Cravaack on February 28 … where it has just sat unaddressed in committee … slipping something into a Must-Pass piece of legislation is something that the Republicans rejected as part of their Pillars of a New Majority … yet here they are doing it.
    IF the House had been in session for more than 129 days this year, maybe the House could have approved Mr. Kline’s legislation.

    Angry … yes, VOTERS are Angry … Mr. Kline should be on the hot seat for his non-performance (where’s the No Child Left Behind reform that he thought he could make progress on in November but instead his time was spent on bashing unions.)

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