Let’s see if those “conservative principles” can really get you elected

A short while ago Minnesota conservative Ben Golnik (@bgolnik) tweeted:

“We will not be able to put our conservative principles into action if we don’t win elections. Simple concept.”

My thought is that your principles should be what get you elected.  So run on those conservative principles, without deceptive buzz phrases and sound bites and let’s see if that wins elections.  I don’t think it will.

The DFL, as under-organized as it is, and with as much contention among its members as it has, continues to win and be competitive.  It is because of the principles the DFL stands for: People first, concern for the community, great public education and attainable advanced education make us stronger.  People agree with those.  They are “conservative principles” that get people elected.

To Ben Golnik, and all the people who retweeted that statement, maybe the principles put in action should be what the general population wants.  Get elected that way instead of trying to win anyway you can so a few aggressive conservatives who think they know better than everybody else, can accomplish what they want.

That’s what happened in Wisconsin.  That’s what you get when Republicans aren’t honest with the people about what they really want to do.  How much nicer would it be if all the recount money was being spent in schools, instead of trying to correct an error the people made because of dishonesty.  So Republican candidates in 2012, be honest and open about your conservative principles, and tell us what that means you will do if you get elected.