Change? Maybe if there’s an intellectual shift among the overtly selfish. — Hiatus.

It’s funny, I’ve reestablished the number of daily hits I’m getting on this website to a respectable number, and now I’ve decided to take another hiatus from it.  My desire to continue paying attention to politics, which has been dwindling for some time, is now rapidly dwindling.  That might be an oxymoron, but my interest is at possibly an all-time low.  

I’m not geared to being involved in politics.  I’m in a leadership position right now, but I don’t have the ego or the drive that is needed for it.  Plus, I don’t like that I have annoyed people without even knowing how or why I’ve annoyed them.  Was it an email or a comment I made?  No clue.  I actually don’t like that people don’t like me in general.  I try to be very nice, am very open-minded, and even if there is a problem, I try to give people the benefit of the doubt when I meet them.  Why wouldn’t I expect the same?  Of course that doesn’t mean I will just sit back and accept your idea without confrontation if I think a confrontation is required…

Some people would say not being liked by people is all part of the political landscape — and believe me, I have no desire, nor do I attempt to get everybody to like me.  But, when I first started a blog, really it was a website, it was for my own entertainment.  And in many ways, my blog is still for my entertainment.  I don’t follow some agenda based on what I hear from the DFL, or from other progressive bloggers.  I blog about what I want to blog about and what I care about.  It was the same when I started getting active in politics, it was because others weren’t doing what I thought needed to be done and I thought it was kind of fun to do it.  Now, despite the feeling that there may be a little momentum building toward success, or at least improvement here, I don’t really think it is fun anymore.  Politics itself has digressed so rapidly into… well, politics!  I have little desire to contribute to the “politics.”

Of course, “hiatus” might not be the right word, because I doubt I will stop completely.  I will still blowup sometimes.  I am really pissed at the direction this country is heading when it comes to respect for seniors, education of children, care for those that need a little care, freedom to live your own life, and maintaining a healthy and safe community today and for future generations.  Unless a giant intellectual change occurs within an overtly selfish majority of the voting public (**Note: I said voting public because I think a majority of people do care) I don’t see much hope for change.

2 thoughts on “Change? Maybe if there’s an intellectual shift among the overtly selfish. — Hiatus.”

  1. Hi Steve,
    Sorry to read your assessment … I wouldn’t disagree with you on many points that you made and the ones that I think differently, I will respect your wishes and keep them to myself.
    I have found your blog to provide some interesting commentaries on life and offering a perspective that should be heard. When our time comes to an end, very few of us will have “made a difference” – cured cancer, resolved Israel-Palestine conflict, altered climate change, etc — but many of us will have made a small difference … it could that donation to the Disabled Veterans or the box of toys sent to some third world … I can tell from your writings that you make a difference in somebody’s life everyday and will never be recognized publicly … that’s life. Ignore the “rants” of the vocal minority (be it from the radical right or radical left) and even the “overly selfish” as many of those are just short-sighted …
    Lastly, consider this adage “We are all here on earth to help others; what on earth the others are her for I don’t know.”
    Take care,
    Mac Hall

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