Amy Klobuchar is vulnerable? Maybe a new prescription for those rose colored glasses.

I do not get why Politics In Minnesota regularly promotes blog posts from the Let Freedom Ring blog. 

Despite the statement on the “About” page that says:

“This blog is committed to being an advocate for making decisions using logic & intelligence & verifiable facts.”

It is anything but.  In a recent post regarding Tim Pawlenty possibly challenging Senator Amy Klobuchar, the following statement was made:

“Sen. Klobuchar is exceptionally vulnerable.”


Let’s use a little “logic & intelligence” here, not partisan rose colored glasses.

Amy Klobuchar handily beat Republican Mark Kennedy by more than 20 points and almost 450,000 votes in her last election.  She had the highest favorability polling numbers of any senator in the United States during 2010.  And personally, walking in a couple parades with an Amy Klobuchar t-shirt on, Amy received cheers while other elected representatives received jeers. 

Let Freedom Ring might not like her votes, but a partisan dislike does not make her vulnerable.

On the other side, Tim Pawlenty was lucky Tim Penny ran in 2002, and really lucky in 2006 that the Mike Hatch/Judy Dutcher late innings screw-up allowed him to barely beat Hatch by 1% of the vote.  He can run around the country saying he balanced the budget in Minnesota and worked bipartisanly, but we know the truth here in Minnesota.

Amy Klobuchar is practically at superhero status from a strength standpoint.  She is a moderate Democrat, evidenced by the dislike of her on the far left and she is liked by moderate female Republicans.  Tim Pawlenty’s record in Minnesota has no chance against Amy Klobuchar, and I’m not even sure he is a top challenger for Al Franken.  But I welcome him entering the race.  Then Amy can put the nail in his political coffin so I can finally stop having to listen to him or anything about Tim Pawlenty, and just concentrate on fixing the problems his administration will be causing in Minnesota for the next two decades.


2 thoughts on “Amy Klobuchar is vulnerable? Maybe a new prescription for those rose colored glasses.”

  1. Hi Steve,

    IMO, all politicians have some degree of vulnerability … but this year with Congress having a 13% approval rating, it is higher than normal.
    Everything must be taken in context, thus even if you accept Gary Gross’ premise that Senator Klobuchar is vulnerable, what about her potential challenger, Tim Pawlenty ?
    The Mankato Free Press has a Poll Question asking why Pawlenty failed to win the GOP endorsement … and the answer indicates Pawlenty’s vulnerability.
    – Michele Bachmann. Their constant bickering brought him down. 7.89% (12 votes)
    – Poor political record. Despite his rhetoric, he left Minnesota in worse shape than when he took office. 51.97% (79 votes)
    – Dull personality. Pawlenty has credibility and experience – but not enough mainstream appeal. 27.63% (42 votes)
    – The media. Pawlenty’s coverage paled to that of Sarah Palin, Mitt Romney and Bachmann. 12.5% (19 votes)

    If this question were asked nationally, the numbers may have been different but Minnesotans know the Tim Pawlenty record … on the national scene, he could talk about balancing budgets, but Minnesotans know that he just pushed problems down the road.

    Pawlenty might get some pressure from MN-GOPers just to have a “name on the ballot … and someone that could bring tons of money to their campaign … and with the Right Republican nominee and favorable economy (in other words excessive job and stock market losses), Pawlenty could ride a wave … but otherwise it would be difficult.
    The risk for Pawlenty is that if he ran against Senator Klobuchar and lost, he is done politically … however if he waits for 2014 and runs in a non-Presidential year against Senator Franken, he has a better chance.
    Lastly, Pawlenty really wasn’t all that popular with the hardcore MN-GOP … if Tom Emmer ran in a primary against Pawlenty, T-Paw would lose.

    IMO, Pawlenty will follow Vin Weber’s lead and pattern himself after Norm Coleman to develop some PAC to wrangle money in the name of attacking Democrats … and thus enjoy a profitable retirement from politics.

    Mac Hall

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