Dave Thompson for Congress and John Kline for Senate???

Well, it is official.  On Friday Lakeville’s State senator Dave Thompson made the decision not to run against Amy Klobuchar in 2012.

Let’s be real.  He wasn’t going to run.  Amy Klobuchar isn’t going to lose in 2012, no matter who the GOP candidate is.  If Tim Pawlenty slinks back to Minnesota in a few months, even he has no chance of beating Amy Klobuchar.

But 2014 is another story.  Senator Al Franken has been a great senator, but he is vulnerable.  I’m not saying Dave Thompson will run against Al Franken in 2014, but 2014 is the year for serious candidates to make challenge in the senate race if they want a legitimate chance at winning.

My personal belief is that Dave Thompson will run for John Kline’s seat in Congress when Kline retires.  And maybe John Kline will challenge Al Franken, hmmm…

John Kline isn’t taking it easy, he is very active, and of all the current Republican elected officials is there any GOPer that looks and acts more senatorial?  Please don’t say Bachmann. 

Maybe that is it.  John Kline for Senate.  Dave Thompson for Congress.  I guess we will just have to wait a couple years and see.  Speculation…


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