Republicans may not care about the shutdown, but people with a conscience do

I predicted this would happen.  I said the shutdown would last a week or so and Republicans would start saying something to the effect that government is obviously not that big of a deal because most people are not feeling the effect.  It is the exact same reason Republicans will be able to take away people’s right to vote with a Voter ID Bill.  Because it does not affect a majority of people. 

The problem is that it is affecting people, and it is affecting them significantly.  It is obviously affecting people who receive benefits from the state to live and work, and it is obviously affecting the people that work to keep our state running and as great as it can be.  But that is a minority of people, and the people living in wealthy suburbs don’t have to deal with them on a daily basis.  Republicans have such contempt for people who can’t take care of themselves, never mind the circumstances.  And Republicans in Lakeville, Prior Lake and Eagan don’t really care about the fishing resort in Northern Minnesota who are losing guests from out of state because people can’t buy fishing licenses. 

Yeah, the Republicans are saying people don’t really care that the government is shutdown, but I’m saying even though it isn’t affecting me right now, I care.  And if Republicans cannot agree to cuts in government and tax increases on 7,700 people that make over one million dollars (that is $1,000,000.00, a one with six zeros after it) a year, then I say to hell with them.  What’s the point of trying to compromise?  Let’s just go back to the pioneer days of dirt roads and side arms.

This is hurting the state, it is hurting the economy, and it is hurting Minnesotans, even if you sit in your air conditioned family room watching cable news and eating the caviar you so richly deserve because you have proven you can pull yourself up by your bootstraps.  Thanks for working towards making Minnesota suck as a place to live.  Thanks for working to ruin everything that makes Minnesota better than every state around us.

A low tax on the rich does not make a state great.  Low government spending does not make a state great.  Highly educated people that come from great public schools and top notch universities make a state great.  Beautiful parks and clean lakes that draw visitors from around the country, and allow those of us to live here to enjoy weekend recreation make a state great.  The best healthcare and the ability to stay active and healthy make a state great.  Diversity in people, jobs and activities, cities and farms, open spaces and community gathering spots make a state great.  And the absence of extremist politics makes a state great.  How are the Republicans going to get any of that by spending less and making a few people richer?  People invested in making this state what it is.  Are we going to throw it away because a minority of people who are politically active and currently in power think the rest of us are worthless?

Seriously, let me know if you want to throw it all away…


3 thoughts on “Republicans may not care about the shutdown, but people with a conscience do”

  1. If a low tax on the rich and low government spending don’t make a state great, then do high taxes and high government spending make a state great? Those high taxes don’t seem to be working out so well for states like California.

    I think you’re doing a disservice to a lot of people when you write broad, sweeping posts like this with careless statements like, “Republicans have such contempt for people who can’t take care of themselves, never mind the circumstances.”

  2. You are very right on some aspects, and I am getting so angry and frustrated by a vocal minority that I have considered quitting this. But there has to be an outlet or a counter point when I need it. This site is for my sanity. I spent 20 minutes in an argument with three people who think the government has no business helping people who need it. Government just didn’t start to be government. It started because we needed it. And people with disabilities are being ignored by people like these three men who think since they can take care of their family no matter what, everybody else should be able to. That simply isn’t realistic. So I get really pissed off at politicians who cater to a vocal minority. If you want nonpartisan going forward, I suggest you stay away from my website. Because while I know there are logical Republicans like you, somebody has to counter the assholes who think they are better than everybody else because they got lucky in life, in health and in family.

    1. I don’t disagree with some of your points, particularly about people who fail to acknowledge that not everyone receiving state assistance is an able-bodied individual who is choosing a path of laziness. I just think the partisanship is sad. I realize you’re entrenched in the Democratic Party and that’s part of the deal. But I think it’s crazy to see people duke it out in a primary and then magically coalesce around a common candidate and refuse to acknowledge any faults that person has. And I think it’s crazy to think that one party is somehow full of more “assholes” than the other.

      Maybe you’re right and I should quit following the site. I guess I’m just interested in seeing that mindset at work. I’ve seen the partisanship on the Republican side but have been further removed from it on the Democratic side and following your site has given me a window into that. Besides, there are far more “asshole-ish” Democrats out there than you. 😉

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