A Very Good Voter ID Discussion

I’m way behind on my reading, but I was just scanning through my Google Reader when I noticed the topic “Voter ID Poll” on Bill Roehl’s Lazy Lightning site.  It is a great topic to discuss.  If you have read my posts or talked to me about Voter ID Requirements, you know I am against voter ID laws because I think it is a waste of money and it will disenfranchise some voters.  Even if it isn’t very many voters who are disenfranchised, I would bet a large sum of money that more voters will be disenfranchised than there are voters who commit fraud. 

The 37 comments on Bill’s post are the highlight and worth reading with a good comments on both sides of the issue.  WCCO’s Jason DeRusha’s comment is very good, although he did not mention one of the biggest arguments against voter ID requirements, the cost involved in voter education, equipment (if we scan IDs,) training, providing IDs, and a big cost that people often ignore, the numerous lawsuits that will result from a voter ID bill.

My wish is that politicians and activists who claim to be fiscally responsible, would be fiscally responsible and stop echoing the social activists and socially motivated political leaders who have an agenda that ignores real budgetary solutions, job creation and economic viability ideas for the future.

Link to Bill’s Post:  Voter ID Poll, 6/12/2011

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