Rightwing bloggers are very wrong on assumptions about moderates.

A couple of days ago a rightwing blogger recently asked why Republicans have to make all the “major compromises” in our current budget battle.  Then went on to call out middle of the road DFLers because they have not sided with the Republican plan to make Minnesota less like Minnesota and more like an average or below average state. 

His exact quote was:

“The reality is that so-called moderate DFL legislators haven’t stepped forward and acted like statesmen and women.”

That is where rightwing bloggers and hard core Republicans are so very wrong.  The so called moderate or middle of the road Democrats are right where they should be.  The Republican plan is wrong, and Governor Dayton’s plan is moderate, middle of the road and just plain common sense.

This is a tight financial time for the budget in the middle of a serious financial crisis started (at least many people feel it was started) by these exact extremist policies geared toward helping and protecting a small group of well-off citizens at the expense of the majority of the population including those that can least afford it like the elderly, people with disabilities and people that have lost their jobs because of these stupid policy decisions.

Mr. Rightwing Blogger who thinks it is “an extremist agenda by Governor Dayton” is delusional!  And the fact that moderate DFLers are standing with the governor is proof that the Democrats are right this time, and the Republicans are wrong!