Jottings and Questions VI

Chris Barden

Sen. Amy Klobuchar vs. Chris Barden / Dan Severson
Here is an interesting nugget for people placing bets on who might be taking on Amy Klobuchar next year.  I wrote a post about Chris Barden and Dan Severson being potential GOP nominees.  Four of the last five days, there has been

Dan Severson

some sort of search for Chris Barden that has lead to my website.  No searches for Dan Severson have led to my website since I have been paying attention.  Maybe it is because I don’t have “Doc” anywhere on the site…

Taking a Stand Against Discrimination
The following video is getting a lot of attention nationally, and I think it is deserved.  I’m including it here because I think this 3 minute video really says a lot about what is going on in our society and the major difference between the two main political ideologies right now. 

Whether we are talking LGBT rights, budget, education, taxes, social issues or whatever, the thoughtfulness expressed in the idea that history is bending “towards justice, fairness, wholeness and openness and compassion” is exactly what separates the two main political ideologies right now.

Kudos to Representative Steve Simon.  This proposed amendment is in reality a law mandating discrimination, almost exclusively based on religious grounds.  As an American, I feel like we should never again mandate discrimination in law.  As a Minnesotan, I feel like we are better than this.  And as a Christian, I have a hard time believing this is how we were taught to express love.

I have no problem with him calling out the moral force of this anti-freedom argument, or even saying the people that vote for this bill will have to live with shame in the future.  I think it is true and I think it is shameful.

If you would like to show your support, consider giving a small donation to Representative Simon’s campaign.  But he won’t need as much money as the organizations that will be fighting this amendment will.  So also give a donation to The Minnesota DFL and Outfront Minnesota.  The best option is to give all three a little donation.  Also, take a moment and sign OutFront Minnesota’s petition against this amendment.