GOP To Tour Minnesota Airports While DFL Meets With Voters (By the way, there is something odd about that Soup Truck)

This is soooo typical…

A Republican group is driving a truck around the state with negative Governor Dayton images and words on it. They are calling it the Soup Truck. At the same time, Republican political leaders are flying around the state next week visiting airports in eight cities holding press conferences. The thing is that neither the truck nor the airport tours are leading to direct conversation with voters.

At each airport, Republican leaders are holding press conferences, then hopping back on the plane to fly to the next city to hold another press conference. The Soup Truck is driving around handing out packets of soup and a sarcastic and partisan filled anti DFL pamphlet with no budget solutions included.

So what is the DFL doing? While Republicans are touring airports, Democratic leaders are traveling around the state and holding town hall meetings with voters. And they are, get this, driving in cars.

Yeah. While the GOP works on scare tactics, and “high-flying” game playing with media and ardent supporters, the DFL is inviting voters in communities to come out to talk about what they want in their communities, and how more cuts and a lack of investment is impacting their community.

Don’t be fooled by these slick marketing campaigns. Oh, by the way, let’s not forget or ignore that the lineup for soup image on that truck happened because of the impact Republican’s had on the economy causing the Great Depression. Luckily Democrats pulled us out of it.


2 thoughts on “GOP To Tour Minnesota Airports While DFL Meets With Voters (By the way, there is something odd about that Soup Truck)”

  1. The Soup Truck is not a very well thought out idea. The sign on the truck should be an immediate read, and it’s not. A brief glance at it on the freeway is not enough for it to make sense. I don’t think it will be very successful. I hope we don’t have too many traffic accidents because of it. Did they think of that? It is a stupid idea all around.

  2. True to your word, the planeload of Republicans arrived at the Mankato Airport yesterday.
    Let’s put this in perspective … the Mankato Airport does not have any large meeting rooms to hold even a hundred people much less fifty … its located miles from any hotel, library or other gathering place where the public could participate. Who shows up at these events are the local media and a few partisan supporters and occasionally an interested citizen like me. Let’s put it this way, I will bet that there were more people in any Farmington High School classroom to hear morning announcements than were at the “Fly-in”.

    What struck me was the instance that this “Fly-in” was not paid for by the taxpayers.
    While that is a good thing, it begs the question, who did pay ? Chartering a plane to make eight stops is not something that you do by passing a hat around to all the passengers … but may they did that. Or maybe, it was “donated” ?

    Hmmm … doesn’t that really tell the difference between the two parties ?
    Terry Morrow, the DFL state representative whose territory is on the fringe of the Mankato Airport, was at a ceremony honoring a Minnesota National Guard member who was about to be shipping off to Iraq.
    Meanwhile “somebody” was paying Republicans to fly around the state to be the “good soldiers” professing propaganda (PSYOP in military parlance) that the tax rates are just fine where they are.
    The taxpayers may not have paid for the plane, but somebody is paying them to speak their words … lesson learned, we’ve got the Best Government Money Can Buy.

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