Thank You For The Great First 100 Days Governor Dayton

Today is the 100th day of Governor Mark Dayton’s administration.  To tell you the truth, I really don’t care at all about what happened in the first 100 days, I care about what the future is going to look like.  And under Mark Dayton’s leadership, I am very optimistic.

But give him credit, he has proposed a great jobs bill that would put thousands of people to work and generate economic growth and more jobs for the future.  His budget won’t raise property taxes and it won’t raise income tax on 95% of Minnesotans.  He has reduced the size of government and government staffs.  He streamlined business permits to get more people working.  He is doing the things that get the economy moving.

Governor Dayton has done a lot more, and I want to thank him for the job he has done so far.  The budget crisis isn’t solved yet, and the state’s problems are not gone, but Mark Dayton has done one thing above everything else that I really admire.  The governor has kept his foot on the peddle driving us towards balancing the budget and creating jobs.  That is what we need.  Republicans say that is what we need, but they continue to distract people with small partisan issues.  At the same time, Governor Dayton keeps plugging away continuing to look forward toward a budget and an economy that won’t break the backs of the middle class, and won’t devastate the poor.

I am beginning more and more to think that recent bills being offered by Republicans like the bill to cut all funding to any nonprofit, the one to cut funding for Meals on Wheels, reducing pay for teachers and slashing healthcare services for physically disabled people, are just being offered to distract activists and advocates from being able to cohesively counter the terrible cuts they are making in other parts of the budget.  I’m actually afraid of what sort of bills the Republicans are going to offer to distract Minnesotans during the budget compromise work that will start being done soon.

My big fear is that the activists and advocates take the bait and start fighting the Republicans on issues that are really going to go nowhere anyway.  We need to keep pressing on the budget and jobs.  We need to keep pressing for the well-being of the future of this state.  And we need to keep pressing to ensure Governor Dayton realizes that the budget, the economy and jobs are the most important thing we need to deal with right now.

Today I sent Mark Dayton a note saying thank you for the job he is doing, and I called his office to thank him.  I told him to keep up the good work and to keep jobs and the budget as his number one priority.  Take a moment and send a note or call his office and let him know too.  You know how politics work.  Politicians hear a lot more from their opponents than they hear from their supporters.  Right now he needs to hear from supporters.  Do it now, it will only take a second, 651-201-3400.