Webster To Recognize New Word Republicandraconianbill [ri-puhb-li-kuhn-druh-koh-nee-uhn-bil]

I read the following tweet this morning:

“Senate GOP to vote on devastating cuts to seniors today. Bill cuts Meals on Wheels by 50% – 1000s of seniors will lose home delivered meals.”

It didn’t really hit me at first, I just shook my head and thought Republicans just continue to place the budget burden on the backs of the most vulnerable again.  It was kind of a ho-hum moment, shaking my head, sighing.  Then I realized I am in the mode of accepting what the Republicans are doing.

It isn’t just that they continue to place this budget burden on the backs of the most vulnerable, that is bad enough, but the scummiest thing about it is that they refuse to place any of the burden to balance this budget on themselves or the wealthiest members of our community!

What is this rabid protectionism Republicans have with the rich’s money?  Dave Thompson recently said it was a myth that Republicans protect corporations.  Really?  Are you being serious Senator Thompson?  You are going to vote to take away funding for program after program that benefit working people, people with disabilities, kids and Minnesota’s seniors, and you refuse to increase taxes on the richest 5% of Minnesotans like Governor Dayton wants to do.  And you say that is a myth? 

Isn’t it enough for people to realize this is all bull when the word “draconian” and the words “Republican bill” continue to appear together in print?  Pretty soon Webster’s is going to recognize the new word republicandraconianbill.

This has got to change.  This continuous piecemeal budget work cutting meals on wheels, cutting transit funding, cutting education, cutting, cutting, cutting – with no big plan has got to stop.  Governor Dayton has put out a budget bill.  The republicans keep trying this piecemeal budget fix approach – I’m assuming because they don’t have a big plan.  It seems to me the thing Republicans should do is disagree with the Governor, put out their own budget plan and start working from there, but I guess Republicans think little cuts here and there to vulnerable Minnesotans is easier for us to digest than for Republicans to digest the richest Minnesotans paying their fair share.

So we cut meals on wheels, sigh, ho-hum… to what extent are Republicans willing to go to protect the rich at our expense?


2 thoughts on “Webster To Recognize New Word Republicandraconianbill [ri-puhb-li-kuhn-druh-koh-nee-uhn-bil]”

  1. This is all leading towards a government shutdown. Dayton will never sign something that takes food out of senior citizens’ mouths. Right? How cruel the proposed Republican cuts are, while they don’t consider asking the rich to pay more of their fair share.

  2. also, I’ve set up Mn Blue Blogs, which isn’t like the other bots in many ways. I see, however, that your site is a free wordress site and perhaps wordpress has disallowed your site, then, from yahoo’s bot. I haven’t seen any of your stories listed, yet, out of the 40+ bloggers. Only three have a problem…

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