I want to quit, I’m just not sure I can…

After two weeks of thinking, discussions and meetings, I am actually more frustrated about the future success of the Democratic Party, than I was the night of the losses.  I’m not worried about the Democratic Party losing more seats in 2012, in fact I think Obama will be swept back into office, and I think gains will be made both nationally and locally.  The frustration I feel centers on the fact that despite having superior numbers to Republicans, Democrats cannot seem to pull together the little things to take advantage of the dominance we should have to prevent problems like we just experienced. 

I tried to get involved — to make a difference.  I wanted to get into a leadership position in the local party and I wanted to get involved at the State convention and with the DFL Central Committee, and I have done all those things.  In fact, I went one step farther and was a candidate.  But I’m not sure it matters. 

It isn’t that I don’t feel like I am making a difference, I do, I’m just not sure the energy expenditure is worth the amount of difference I’m making.  Is small success in six to 10 years worth going to a meeting instead of having dinner with my wife and kids?

I know I am not the only one out there feeling this way.  I’ve contacted a few people I would like to get involved and have heard similar responses.

As a candidate, you put yourself completely out on the line, everything is out there, and what do you get?  Little support physically, less support financially, no clear messaging help, an unworkable and unsustainable top-down structure and downright bad advice in some instances.

I have been to three post election meetings.  At each meeting, we have discussed messaging, involvement and action steps.  I’m just not sure the pieces are in place to really tackle the problems.

I would like to quit, but I’m not sure I can…


4 thoughts on “I want to quit, I’m just not sure I can…”

  1. Steve,

    First, THANKS for offering yourself for elective office … it’s a tribute to you and your family for the commitment. There is no doubt that through the campaign there were plenty of times that you just shook your head in amazement when you heard some of the distortions and attacks … but trust me, there were also plenty of people who appreciated your effort to make their life a little better.

    The choice to become involved is difficult…the feelings of frustration and disappointment. So much is at stake, not only for the Democrat-Farmer-Labor Party in general, but for the little guy who is working hard for his dollar and seeing so little in return.

    I urge you to hang in there, Steve. You never know how much of a difference can be made until people combine their efforts and unite for their beliefs.

    My best to you,

    Mac Hall

  2. I hear you Steve. I used to be very active, though on the other side of the aisle. I scaled back for a number of reasons, not the least of which was frustration with the direction of the party, but also with the feeling that traction wasn’t being made. This year I got behind the IP candidate for governor but didn’t wind up getting involved in the IP at all. Of course, 9-month-old twins hamper my ability to be active, but still, I’m not sure how active I’d be even without them. There’s just not a lot to get excited about.

    I wound up voting for an IP, a Democrat, and 5 Republicans in partisan elections, so I’m not sure how happy any of the parties would really be with me!

    1. That is what is frustrating to me. We have these rhetoric-filled parties ruining politics for the average person. You voted, there were plenty of people who didn’t vote.

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